Air India Unveils Its New Logo Branding By Accident

Air India Unveils Its New Logo Branding By Accident
Photo Credit: Air India.

Air India has just unveiled its new logo branding by accident in the last few moments, which is part of the carrier’s overall transformation program.

Before the live stream even started, @JetArena on Twitter was keen to note the new branding being uploaded to the thumbnail of the YouTube Live.


Highlights from The Unveiling with Air India…

In the live stream, Air India looked back at its history, as well as any branding changes that took place within the last few decades.

The theme of the stream itself was more about the transformative journey that the carrier has been on, especially through Vihaan.AI.

This has consisted of a multi-billion dollar aircraft order with Airbus and Boeing for over 400 aircraft, as well as changes in the structure placed by the TATA Group.

Another theme that the airline was keen to push out is that it is not just about the transformation program but also about the new era in travel for India as well.

What remains clear is that the approach to this unveiling of the logo is to take a much more modern approach to the way the airline presents itself, especially in the context of air travel booming within the country too.

This remains a developing story. More updates from the event will follow in due course throughout the proceedings with Air India.

Additional Updates…

We have just had the press release come through from the airline regarding the layout of what the livery will look like on the aircraft.

Campbell Wilson, Air India CEO & MD, said: “Our transformative new brand reflects an ambition to make Air India a world-class airline serving guests from around the globe, and that represents a new India proudly on the global stage.

“The new Air India is bold, confident, and vibrant, but also warm and deeply rooted to its rich history and traditions that make Indian hospitality a global benchmark for standards in service.”

Travelers will begin to see the new logo from December 2023, when the first Air India A350 enters the fleet in the new livery.

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