Air India rolls out global brand identity in Delhi and Mumbai

An Air India A350 and operating crew.
Photo Credit: Air India

As the next step in its merger and transformation process, Air India rolled out its recently unveiled global brand identity across guest touchpoints in Delhi and Mumbai..

December 2023 has now seen a full switch to the new look across digital and online channels and rebranding at Delhi and Mumbai airports.

The rollout, which commenced with the digital transition and rebranding at Delhi and Mumbai airports, introduces a fresh and modern look.

The Vista

At the heart of this transformation is the ‘Vista,’ Air India’s new logo icon. As a symbol, it represents a commitment to a bold, modern, and world-class airline with an Indian heart.

The brand’s new color palette, featuring Air India red, aubergine, rose gold, and accents of gold, adds vibrancy and sophistication to the overall aesthetic.


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Redesigned Online Experience

Air India’s commitment to a seamless travel experience is reflected in the revamped and the new mobile app.

Crafted by Air India’s teams in Kochi and Silicon Valley, these digital platforms offer guests a more intuitive online experience with streamlined booking flows, faster performance, new features, and a refreshed design aligned with the airline’s new brand identity.

Social Media Reinvention

The airline’s social media platforms have undergone a facelift to align with the new brand identity. Engaging content and an interactive platform await guests, providing a space to connect with the airline and fellow travelers.

The transformation extends beyond physical touchpoints, creating a cohesive brand presence across all guest interactions.

Airport Evolution: From Check-in to Boarding

Delhi and Mumbai airports mark the beginning of the brand’s physical manifestation, with the new branding making its presence felt at check-in counters, boarding gates, lounges, and boarding cards.

This gradual rollout will extend across Air India’s global network in the coming weeks, promising a consistent and visually striking brand experience.

CEO Comments

Campbell Wilson, Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director of Air India, expresses the significance of this network-wide switch to the new global brand identity.

It’s not just about a new logo and colors; it’s a promise of a transformed travel experience—modern, seamless, and infused with the warmth and hospitality that defines the new India and the new Air India.

An Air India A350 gets a water cannon welcome.
Photo Credit: Air India

A350 & In-Flight Rebranding

The transformation extends to the skies with the new Air India livery featured on the A350 fleet and upcoming aircraft. The in-flight rollout is tied to the induction of the Airbus A350 fleet and subsequent cabin refurbishments, promising a refreshed and consistent experience.

The CEO acknowledges the scale of this transformation and seeks the support of guests as Air India evolves into a world-class airline.

Air India First Airbus A350 Rolls Out The Paint Shop
Photo Credit: Air India.

Fleet Expansion

Air India’s commitment to excellence is evident in its record-setting orders for 470 aircraft with Airbus and Boeing, totaling US$ 70 billion.

The much-anticipated Airbus A350 fleet will debut this month, initiating a US$ 400 million project for the refurbishment of 43 legacy widebody aircraft.

This project includes new seats, inflight entertainment systems, and Wi-Fi connectivity, enhancing the overall flying experience.

Stylish Crew Uniforms

Adding a fashionable touch to the transformation, Air India has revealed new uniforms for cabin and cockpit crews designed by renowned Indian couturier, Manish Malhotra.

The phased introduction of these uniforms, starting with the Airbus A350 entry into service, is complemented by upcoming designs for ground staff, engineers, and security personnel.

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