Air Greenland to bolster transatlantic travel in 2024

An Air Greenland jet parked at the terminal.
Photo Credit: Air Greenland
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Air Greenland, with its vision set on shaping the future of travel, has recently unveiled its flight schedules for 2024, promising enhanced travel options between Europe and North America.

In this article, we’ll look into the latest updates, new routes, and partnerships that will make Air Greenland a significant player in the tourism industry while promoting sustainable value creation.

Overall, Air Greenland has a clear and noble goal: to uplift Greenland in harmony with tour operators. By doing so, they aim to create products tailored to both travelers to and from Greenland, fostering economic growth and promoting cultural exchange.

Their commitment to sustainable travel is not only evident in their operations but also in their role as a facilitator of cooperation between nations.

Unveiling the 2024 Timetables

On 16 October, during the prestigious Vestnorden travel fair, Air Greenland took center stage by revealing its ambitious plans for the coming years.

At the heart of these plans lies a dedication to sustainability and progress in the aviation industry.


New Routes and Interline Agreements: The standout feature in the 2024 timetable is the introduction of new routes and interline agreements with other airlines. These additions are poised to revolutionize the way travelers experience Greenland.

Photo Credit: Air Greenland

Nuuk to Iqaluit

Starting on June 26, 2024, and ending on October 23, a weekly departure every Wednesday will connect Nuuk, Greenland, and Iqaluit, the capital of Nunavut.

This new route is the outcome of a cooperative agreement between Nunavut and Greenland signed in 2022, focusing on culture, education, fisheries, green energy, and mobility.

With the added benefit of an interline agreement with the Canadian North airline, travelers can now enjoy seamless journeys.

This opens doors to and from the North American market, further enhancing the accessibility of Greenland.

Partnerships with Icelandair and SAS

Air Greenland has also established interline agreements with major players in the aviation industry, such as Icelandair and SAS.

This strategic move allows travelers to book flights with these airlines through Air Greenland’s website, making it more convenient than ever to explore new horizons.

Aalborg Joins the 2024 Schedule

Another exciting development is the reopening of the route between Aalborg and Kangerlussuaq from June 25 to August 20.

While this route includes a stopover in Copenhagen, it caters to the needs of customers traveling to and from North Jutland.

Jettime operates this route on behalf of Air Greenland, ensuring a seamless and efficient travel experience.

More Flights to Denmark

Air Greenland’s Tuukkaq transatlantic aircraft will operate weekdays between Kangerlussuaq and Copenhagen from June 17 to September 8, 2024.

Recognizing the growing demand for transatlantic travel during the summer peak season, Air Greenland has extended its agreement with Jettime to offer additional flights on Mondays and Thursdays.

This brings the total number of weekly departures between Kangerlussuaq and Copenhagen to ten, enhancing connectivity for travelers.

Furthermore, Air Greenland is committed to improving domestic capacity to accommodate the increased Atlantic traffic.

Travelers can now enjoy a more flexible schedule, with enhanced routes and frequency, including a direct flight between Narsarsuaq and Copenhagen operating twice a week during the summer peak season.

To meet the needs of Greenland’s residents and visitors, there will be three weekly flights between Nuuk and Kulusuk.

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