Air Greenland Boosts Arctic Connectivity with Iqaluit Service

Air Greenland's Dash 8-Q200
Photo Credit: Air Greenland

Air Greenland is taking to the skies with a brand new route, connecting Nuuk, Greenland’s capital, to Iqaluit, the heart of Nunavut, Canada.

This new development kicks off on June 26, 2024, and will then operate throughout the summer peak season until October 23rd.

The new route offers a convenient weekly departure every Wednesday, making travel between the two Arctic capitals a breeze.

Passengers can also enjoy same-day connections to Ottawa, Canada’s capital, along with the vibrant city of Montreal and Kuujjuaq in Nunavik.

This enhanced connectivity stems from a strategic agreement between Air Greenland and Canadian North, allowing them to connect key destinations within their respective networks.

From left: Air Greenland’s Chairman of the Board Malik Hegelund Olsen, Canadian North’s CEO Shelly De Caria. Air Greenland’s CEO Jacob Nitter Sørensen and Canadian North’s Chairman of the Board Johnny Adams

“We know that there is a great desire for closer cooperation between Nunavut and Greenland.” Malik Hegelund Olsen, Chairman of the Board of Air Greenland explains to dynamic. “To ensure the dialogue, it is natural to open a route to our neighbours to the west”.

The launch of the Nuuk-Iqaluit route builds upon a 2022 cooperation agreement between Nunavut and Greenland. This aimed to foster collaboration in areas like culture, education, fisheries, and green energy.

Improved mobility was another crucial aspect of the agreement, and this new route brings that vision to life.

Johnny Adams, Executive Chairman of Canadian North gave comment. “Canadian North and Air Greenland have been working towards connecting our two regions since January, 2020, when we signed a letter of intent.”

Air Greenland To Launch Iqaluit Route With Connection to Ottawa
Algkalv, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Taking Flight with Air Greenland

Air Greenland will operate the Nuuk-Iqaluit route with their dependable regional Dash-8 aircraft, departing each Wednesday at 2:55 pm.

The flight time is estimated to be around two hours. Taking into account the two-hour time difference, passengers will arrive in Iqaluit at approximately 2:00 pm local time.

This initial operation period from June to October allows Air Greenland to gauge demand. With positive response, the route has the potential to become a permanent fixture.

Expanding Horizons with Canadian North

The launch of the Iqaluit route opens doors to further exploration in Canada. Passengers can seamlessly connect to Ottawa, 2100 kilometers south of Iqaluit, as well as Montreal and Kuujjuaq.

This networking enhancement is made possible by a new interline agreement between Air Greenland and Canadian North.

Travelers can now purchase a single ticket for travel between Nuuk and Ottawa, Montreal, or Kuujjuaq. Additionally, future plans include direct booking options on both airlines’ websites for these destinations.

Stakeholder Comments

Air Greenland’s CEO, Jacob Nitter Sørensen, expresses his delight at the collaboration with Canadian North. “I’m thrilled that we’ve partnered with Canadian North, allowing travelers to effortlessly book flights to three additional destinations in the region.”

“We’re excited to see how this route develops and look forward to welcoming visitors from Nunavut, Nunavik, and Canada, while also connecting our residents with exciting destinations to the west.”

Canadian North’s CEO, Shelly De Caria, echoes the enthusiasm. “We’re excited to boost tourism, encourage regional and cultural collaboration, and drive economic development through this groundbreaking partnership.”

“The launch of this route highlights Canadian North’s commitment to fostering connections between communities and deepening cultural ties.”

De Caria goes on to mention that Canadian North’s network covers 27 destinations across Ontario, Nunavut, Nunavik, Northwest Territories, Quebec, and Alberta.

Passengers can now utilize interline tickets to travel to and from Ottawa, Montreal, and Kuujjuaq via Iqaluit.

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