Air France-KLM & GOL Extend Partnership By 10 Years

Air France-KLM & GOL Extend Partnership By 10 Years
Photo Credit: Air France-KLM.

Air France-KLM & GOL have announced this week the extension of a commercial partnership which will cover the next 10 years in length.

The original commercial partnership between the two sides was established in 2014, but this new deal will enhance things further.

Without further ado, let’s get into it…

Air France-KLM & GOL Extend Partnership By 10 Years…

Air France-KLM & GOL Extend Partnership By 10 Years
Photo Credit: Air France-KLM.


It is understood that this extension between Air France-KLM & GOL will cover over 125 destinations across Europe and Brazil, which amounts to 99% of demand between the two areas.

Such a deal also includes increased maintenance cooperation, with the European company’s maintenance wing expected to support the CFM56 and LEAP engines that the Brazilian carrier has.

Benjamin Smith, the CEO of the European conglomerate said the following on this:

“South America, and particularly Brazil, is one of the most strategic markets for Air France-KLM.”

“The historical partnership between Air France-KLM and GOL has been instrumental in allowing us to provide our customers with a comprehensive and broad value proposition in the region.”

“Building on what we’ve already achieved, we are very pleased to extend and deepen this exclusive partnership for 10 more years.”

“This new agreement will allow us to implement the necessary structural enhancements to ensure Air France-KLM and GOL’s leadership position between Brazil and Europe.”

Adding to this was the GOL CEO Celso Ferrer:

“Our partnership with [the company] has provided countless enhancements and benefits for all of our customers and is based on reciprocal trust and admiration of both companies.”

“We are proud to celebrate another decade of partnership, and I believe it crowns a long and successful history by including key elements such as the credit line for engine overhauls.”

“I reinforce that GOL is deeply committed to support and help to strengthen the Brazil-Europe corridor, and we have no doubt [the company] is the best partner to achieve that.”

It remains clear that this relationship has been fruitful for both sides, with all eyes on how the next 10 years will go for the two sides.

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By James Field - Editor in Chief 3 Min Read
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