Air China Cargo Receives First A330P2F

Air China Cargo A330P2F
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Last week, it was announced that Air China Cargo has received its first Airbus A330P2F (Passenger-to-Freighter).

This article will cover the details surrounding Air China Cargo’s first Airbus A330P2F.

Air China Cargo’s First A330P2F

In Dresden, Germany on December 15, Air China Cargo and Ameco celebrated with both Airbus and EFW (Elbe Flugzeugwerke GmbH) the operators first Airbus A330P2F.

This A330P2F is the first of a total of eight that will be redelivered from the carriers passenger Airbus A330-200 aircraft to become A330P2Fs and operate solely for the carrier’s cargo arm as dedicated freighters.

The Chinese operators first Airbus A330P2F was converted by EFW’s partner, Ameco at their Chengdu facility in China, with a second Airbus A330-200 already undergoing its conversion to soon re-join the carriers fleet.

At present, the Chinese operator has a fleet of 13 cargo aircraft, broken down as three Boeing 747-400 Freighters, one Boeing 757-200 Freighter, and nine Boeing 777 Freighters.

Executive Comments

Air China’s Vice President, Hongyan Wang, has commented on their first Airbus A330P2F, saying, “To enforce our freighter fleet with Airbus converted freighters was a natural step.”

Adding to Wang’s comments, Chief Executive Officer of EFW, Jordi Boto, says, “We are glad about the re-delivery and that Air China Cargo will operate Airbus converted freighters for the first time. We are looking forward to seeing soon an A330P2F with the Air China Cargo livery on its air freight mission.”

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By Jamie Clarke 2 Min Read
2 Min Read
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