Air Canada Express turns in successful holiday season

An Air Canada Express CRJ900 on the taxiway.
Photo Credit: Air Canada

Jazz Aviation LP enjoyed a successful holiday travel season with strong operational performance taking the airline into 2024.

Jazz Aviation soared to new heights during the holiday travel season, safely executing over 6,000 Air Canada Express flights.

What’s truly impressive is the airline’s on-time performance, registering a commendable 77.8%. This crucial metric, based on arrivals within 15 minutes of scheduled time, speaks volumes about Jazz’s commitment to punctuality and passenger satisfaction.

Furthermore, the flight completion rate stood at a sturdy 98.1%, with airline management accrediting the seasonal performance to its proactive planning and collaboration with its parent carrier.

“Our readiness planning, the professionalism of employees, and strong collaboration with our partner Air Canada are credited with this solid operational performance,” emphasized Randolph deGooyer, President of Jazz.

“This is an outstanding improvement over the significant operational challenges faced by the airline industry during last year’s holiday season. Other highlights of our preparedness include increased staffing levels, fleet flexibility and reliability, and the weather played a cooperative role as well.”


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Jazz’s ‘Searching for Santa’ Program

Adding a touch of magic to the holiday season, Jazz celebrated the 30th anniversary of its heartwarming ‘Searching for Santa’ program.

This employee-led initiative goes beyond conventional festivities, featuring ground events and brief charter flights to the ‘North Pole’ for some of the communities’ most deserving families and organizations.

This year, Jazz hosted nearly 350 children at events in Halifax, Montreal, Toronto, Calgary, and Vancouver.

The ‘Searching for Santa’ program is a testament to Jazz’s commitment to community engagement and bringing smiles to the faces of those who matter most.

A captivating commemorative video captures the essence of this magical tradition, showcasing the airline’s dedication to spreading joy far beyond the confines of the aircraft cabin.


Amidst the hustle and bustle of holiday travel, Jazz Aviation stood out not just for its operational prowess but also for its human-centric approach.

Jazz Aviation LP a Canadian regional airline based in Enfield, Halifax, Nova Scotia. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Chorus Aviation and provides regional and charter airline services in Canada and the United States,

It operates primarily under contract to Air Canada using the brand name Air Canada Express, and also as Jazz Charters.

Its Air Canada Express operations serve 79 destinations in Canada and the United States. Under a capacity purchase agreement, Air Canada sets the Jazz route network and flight schedule, and purchases all of Jazz’s seat capacity based on predetermined rates.

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