Air Canada announces new ‘air-to-rail’ connections for Europe

Air Canada graphic of aircraft and high speed train.
Photo Credit: CNW Group/Air Canada

Air Canada has announced new air-to-rail booking options for customers to connect at European airports with four major passenger rail systems, making it convenient to explore the continent.

Through new railway and distribution partnerships, Air Canada customers, when purchasing flights, can now also easily book onward rail trips to a multitude of destinations throughout France, Germany, Switzerland, and Austria to create a seamless travel itinerary.

Intermodal Connectivity

Air Canada has introduced a revolutionary air-to-rail booking option, which is set to improve over travel for customers connecting at European airports.

This innovative approach not only enhances convenience but it also aligns with Air Canada’s overall sustainability initiative.

Mark Galardo, Executive Vice President, Revenue and Network Planning at Air Canada, emphasized the airline’s dedication to enriching travel experiences.

“As a leading global airline, Air Canada excels at flying, but we also know intermodal connections can enrich the travel experience through added convenience and by promoting sustainability.”

Air Canada’s European intermodal initiative allows customers to seamlessly book rail travel alongside their flights.


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Through partnerships with Lufthansa Express Rail Product, AccesRail, and WorldTicket, the streamlined booking process ensures a hassle-free travel itinerary.

Wing-to-Rail Connections Across Europe

France: Connecting the Heart of Europe

Customers flying with Air Canada can now access up to 22 SNCF Voyageurs high-speed rail destinations across France, including iconic cities like Nantes, Bordeaux, Marseille, and Strasbourg.

The seamless codeshare on SNCF Voyageurs makes exploring France a breeze.

Aerial view of an Air Canada Boeing 787 Dreamliner taking off.

Germany: Expanding Travel with Deutsche Bahn

Building on existing intermodal rail connections, Air Canada extends its reach in Germany through collaboration with Lufthansa Express Rail.

Travelers can now access over 5,600 railway stations via Deutsche Bahn’s Rail and Fly products from Frankfurt and Munich, offering unparalleled connectivity.

Switzerland: Improving the Swiss Experience

Air Canada passengers arriving in Zurich or Geneva can seamlessly connect to Swiss Federal Railways, reaching up to 11 stations across Switzerland.

From Basel to Lucerne, explore the picturesque landscapes effortlessly.

Austria: ÖBB Services Across the Alps

Vienna airport now serves as a gateway to up to nine railway stations across Austria, including the enchanting cities of Linz, Salzburg, and Innsbruck.

ÖBB services provide a scenic journey through the heart of Austria.

Customer-Centric Features

For added convenience, customers can check in for all segments of their journey before departure, eliminating the need to obtain a separate train ticket at the station.

In case of flight disruptions, Air Canada ensures peace of mind by rebooking both air and rail segments.

Over the past decade, the Canadian flag carrier’s partnership portfolio has doubled, offering customers an extensive array of travel choices.

With three joint business agreements, 39 codeshare, 120 interline, and four intermodal rail options, Air Canada provides seamless connectivity to over 1200 destinations.

Summer 2024: Air Canada in Europe

The airline has unveiled its expanded international summer 2024 flying schedule. The airline plans to operate 100 per cent of its peak summer 2019 trans-Atlantic capacity next year, taking full advantage of the robust recovery in its largest international market.

With 53 routes to 31 cities in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and India, Air Canada will be the leading Canadian carrier across the Atlantic in summer 2024.

The airline’s Toronto and Montreal hubs will respectively rank third and fifth largest in North America, in terms of average daily trans-Atlantic seats; the airline is committed to further developing both hubs’ trans-Atlantic footprint in the coming years.

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