Air Canada and Professional Women’s Hockey League seal partnership

A Professional Women’s Hockey League player with an Air Canada mouthguard.
Photo Credit: CNW Group/Air Canada

Air Canada has recently sealed a historic partnership with the Professional Women’s Hockey League (PWHL), just in time for the league’s much-anticipated inaugural season opener on January 1, 2024.

This collaboration positions Air Canada as the Inaugural Premier Partner of the PWHL and the Official Airline for the league’s first six teams, showcasing the airline’s deep commitment to hockey and its dedication to showcasing the best of Canada to the global stage.

Professional Women’s Hockey League

Andy Shibata, Vice President, Brand at Air Canada, expressed his enthusiasm about this significant partnership, stating, “To partner with the PWHL and be part of this historic moment in hockey history is incredibly exciting and meaningful to all of us at Air Canada.”

This sentiment reflects the airline’s role as Canada’s national carrier and its longstanding support for Canadian sports.

Shibata emphasized that the partnership not only underscores the shared love for hockey with customers but also aligns with the airline’s advocacy for gender equality within the aviation industry.


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Flying in Unity

Amy Scheer, Senior Vice President of Business Operations at PWHL, echoed the enthusiasm, stating, “We’re delighted to team up with Canada’s national carrier as an Inaugural Premier Partner and Official Airline to the PWHL.”

The partnership represents a connection founded on shared values, emphasizing the vast potential for the league, its players, and future stars as they collectively elevate the sport to new heights.

Inspirational Campaign: “We All Fly”

To commemorate this groundbreaking partnership, Air Canada is set to launch an inspiring ad campaign titled “We All Fly.” This campaign features a group of aspiring PWHL players alongside Canadian hockey legend Mélodie Daoust.

The campaign will premiere before each Professional Women’s Hockey League home opener, emphasizing the significance of this historic collaboration.

As part of the partnership, Air Canada secures intellectual property (IP) rights for all six PWHL teams, spanning Boston, Minnesota, Montreal, New York, Ottawa, and Toronto.

Additionally, the airline gains rights in broadcast, in-venue, and in-market assets. Notably, Air Canada will proudly display its branding on the official jerseys of Montreal’s PWHL team. The airline is also committed to providing crucial travel support for the league and its players.

Commitment Beyond the Ice

This partnership builds on Air Canada’s existing support for women’s sports, including prior collaborations with the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) and the upcoming Project 8 professional women’s soccer league in Canada.

In a demonstration of its commitment to the next generation of women’s hockey, Air Canada will host local girls’ junior hockey teams at each historical PWHL home opener in Canada.

In furthering its dedication to the future of women’s hockey, Air Canada will host local girls’ junior hockey teams at each historical PWHL home opener in Canada, including events on Jan. 1 in Toronto, Jan. 2 in Ottawa, and Jan. 13 in Montreal.

Supporting Canadian Sports

Air Canada’s passion for sports extends beyond hockey, as the official airline for all seven Canadian NHL teams, the Toronto Raptors, and Team Canada.

The airline’s unique Air Canada Fan Flight program exemplifies its commitment to giving back to the community.

This initiative rewards deserving fans with VIP NHL and NBA experiences, bringing them closer to their favorite teams.

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