Air Astana commences its winter scheduling

An Air Astana aircraft approaches to land.
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Air Astana switched to a Winter Schedule on 29th October 2023, with the resumption of services from Almaty and Astana on seasonal routes and increases in frequencies to popular destinations in Asia and the Gulf.

The month of October has also seen movement for the carrier; firstly with the acquisition of it’s 11th Airbus A321LR aircraft, following a delivery made by the European aircraft manufacturer.

The airline also sealed a partnership agreement for the supply of jet fuel with PetroChina International Kazakhstan.

Winter Scheduling

On the 29th of October 2023, Air Astana transitioned to its winter schedule, bringing a fresh wave of opportunities for passengers. This season, they’re resuming services from Almaty and Astana on seasonal routes and enhancing their frequencies to popular destinations in Asia and the Gulf. Let’s take a closer look at what they have in store.


Maldives: Winter Paradise

One of the highlights of Air Astana’s winter schedule is the Almaty-Maldives route. Travel enthusiasts will be thrilled to know that Air Astana will be operating five flights per week on this route.

Whether you’re seeking a romantic getaway or simply an escape from the winter blues, the Maldives is a perfect choice.

Photo Credit: Air Astana

Sri Lanka: A Tropical Escape

For those with a penchant for lush landscapes and vibrant cultures, Air Astana has introduced four charter flights per week on the Almaty-Sri Lanka route. Explore the beauty of Sri Lanka with the convenience of direct flights.

Thailand: Land of Smiles

Flights from Almaty to Bangkok will increase from three to seven per week, and Almaty to Phuket flights will jump from four to eleven per week.

What’s more, Kazakhstan citizens can travel to Thailand visa-free until the end of February 2024, making it an even more attractive destination.

Dubai: City of Dreams

Dubai continues to be a hotspot for travelers, and Air Astana is keeping up with the demand. They are increasing flights to Dubai from Almaty from seven to twelve per week, and from Astana from six to ten per week. It’s a city of limitless possibilities, and now you can explore it more frequently.

Doha: Heart of Qatar

Air Astana is not just focusing on popular tourist destinations but also on crucial business and cultural hubs. There will be charter flights from both Almaty and Astana to Doha in Qatar once a week, offering more options for those with interests in the Gulf region.

India and Saudi Arabia

On the Almaty-Delhi route, the number of flights will increase to eleven per week, making travel between Kazakhstan and India more accessible.

Additionally, the Almaty-Jeddah route will see three flights per week, catering to passengers traveling to Saudi Arabia.

Air Astana’s Strategic Partnership

This month, Air Astana made a strategic move by signing a Memorandum of Strategic Partnership for the supply of jet fuel.

As part of the signed Memorandum, Air Astana and its partners plan to collaborate on jet fuel supply, infrastructure development, and transitioning to the international Jet A-1 jet fuel standard.

Since Jet A-1 fuel is not produced in Kazakhstan, they are exploring the possibility of importing it, along with sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), directly from refineries in China.

Air Astana Group President Peter Foster emphasized the significance of this partnership, stating, “Our airline is actively expanding its route network and enhancing its fleet with new aircraft.”

“The support of our partners in fuel supply issues will secure Air Astana’s further growth and development. As part of our ESG strategy, we are committed to innovative and environmentally sustainable initiatives in aviation.”

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