Air Albania acquire 2 Airbus A320s on long-term lease

Render of an Airbus A320 in flight, on long-lease to Air Albania.
Image Credit: GA Telesis LLC

Albanian national flag carrier Air Albania has taken delivery of two Airbus A320 aircraft on long-term lease from the lessor GA Telesis LLC (GAT).

The two aircraft are part of the GA Telesis owned fleet and were delivered to Air Albania in the first quarter of the year.

GA Telesis’ Leasing, Investment, Financing & Trading Group has continued its growth trajectory with its acquisition of high-quality assets and placement on long-term lease arrangements.

The two Airbus A320 aircraft leased out to air Albania were acquired by GAT last year with the objective of redeploying them into the recovering global passenger market.

The allocation will support Air Albania’s expansion of air services in their region amid the improving travel industry.

Supporting fleet growth plan

“We are excited to support Air Albania’s fleet growth plans as they continue to serve the expanding air travel demands of their market,” commented David Ellis, Global Head of Leasing and Trading for the Asset Transaction Group (ATG), a division of LIFT.

Ellis further remarked, “This is another great example of the GA Telesis Ecosystem at work; consolidating asset originations, technical expertise, and aircraft remarketing for a successful acquisition, transition, and placement.”

“We are thrilled to partner with GA Telesis and add these two A320 aircraft to our fleet as part of our expansion plans,” commented Mr. Sinan Dilek, CEO of Air Albania.


“These high-quality assets will support our efforts to meet the growing demand for air travel in our region and provide exceptional services to our passengers.”

“We appreciate GA Telesis’ expertise in asset originations, technical know-how, and aircraft remarketing, which has facilitated a successful acquisition and transition process.”

“This partnership is a testament to the strength of the GA Telesis Ecosystem, and we look forward to a fruitful collaboration with them,” Mr Dilek concluded.

This partnership between GA Telesis and Air Albania underscores their mutual commitment to meeting the growing air travel demands and providing exceptional services to passengers.

The delivery of these A320 aircraft represents a significant milestone in their collaborative efforts to support Air Albania’s expansion plans and address the evolving needs of the global passenger market.

About Air Albania

Air Albania is the flag carrier airline of Albania, based in Tirana. It was founded in 2018 and began operations in September of that year, making it a relatively new airline.

According to data, the airline is currently operating a fleet of one Airbus A319 and three A320 aircraft, of which two are currently listed as in-service.

The national carrier flies to destinations in Europe, including Italy, Greece, Germany, and the United Kingdom, and offers both economy and business class options for passengers.

In addition to its commercial operations, Air Albania has also provided charter flights for the Albanian national football team and other sports teams.

The airline is partly owned by the Albanian government and partly by Turkey’s flag carrier airline, Turkish Airlines.

Air Albania aims to become a major player in the aviation industry and to help boost tourism and trade in Albania. The airline’s slogan is “The Wings of Albania” and it strives to provide a high-quality travel experience for its passengers.

By Len Varley - Assistant Editor 4 Min Read
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