AAR extends and expands MRO agreement with United Airlines

A United Airlines 737 lands in Miami.
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AAR Corp, a leading provider of aviation services to commercial and government operators, MROs, and OEMs, has signed a significant deeper agreement with United Airlines.

The new agreement extends the existing airframe MRO services relationship through 2030 and, even more importantly, expands AAR’s heavy maintenance commitments.

This agreement is expected to bolster AAR’s workforce development efforts, benefiting both companies, the industry, and multiple labor markets.

Strengthening the partnership

This new arrangement further solidifies the working relationship between the two companies but importantly, it also has the potential to create hundreds of career opportunities in the Miami and Rockford communities.

With this agreement, AAR has committed to increasing its dedicated airframe narrowbody capacity.

This means that United Airlines will receive a minimum of 10 lines of maintenance support across AAR’s MRO facilities in Miami, Florida, and Rockford, Illinois.


Expanding facilities and workforce

To accommodate the additional lines of maintenance, AAR will be constructing a new three-bay hangar adjacent to its existing nine-bay facility at Miami International Airport.

This expansion is still subject to approval by the Miami-Dade County Board of County Commissioners, but it holds great promise for the future.

Notably, Miami-Dade County is expected to reimburse the construction costs of the hangar, highlighting the significance of this project for the local community.

Moreover, the increased maintenance commitment from United Airlines is projected to bring about more than 250 AAR careers in the Miami and Rockford communities.

This expansion will not only create numerous job opportunities but will also contribute to the growth of revenue for Miami International Airport.

Building a ‘Best-in-Class’ workforce

AAR is dedicated to enhancing its efforts in building a best-in-class workforce that aligns with its well-established approach to workforce development.

The company aims to hire a diverse, highly-skilled team to support the additional workload effectively. By fostering a work environment that prioritizes talent and skill, AAR seeks to elevate its service quality and meet the rising demands of the aviation industry.

United Airlines perspective

Mike Arata, Managing Director of Base Maintenance for United Airlines, expressed his confidence in this collaboration. He stated, “United and AAR have enjoyed a long, successful relationship based on AAR’s reputation for safety, quality, and reliability.”

He emphasized that expanding their partnership with AAR is a crucial step in building their internal and external long-term heavy maintenance capacity to keep up with the growing fleet.

AAR’s enthusiasm

Chris Jessup, Chief Commercial Officer for AAR, echoed the enthusiasm for the extended and expanded partnership with United Airlines.

He emphasized the positive impact of this new agreement, not only in terms of increasing AAR’s MRO footprint but also in creating numerous career opportunities that will benefit both the aviation industry and the Miami and Rockford communities.

AAR is a global aerospace and defense aftermarket solutions company with operations in over 20 countries.

Headquartered in the Chicago area, AAR supports commercial and government customers through two operating segments: Aviation Services and Expeditionary Services.

AAR’s Aviation Services include Parts Supply; OEM Solutions; Integrated Solutions; and Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) Services.


By extending and expanding their partnership, the two companies are not only strengthening their bond but also creating opportunities for hundreds of careers.

The addition of a new hangar and the commitment to building a diverse and highly-skilled workforce exemplify their dedication to providing exceptional services.

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By Len Varley - Assistant Editor 4 Min Read
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