2023 Highlights: United Airlines Top Up Order With Airbus & Boeing

2023 Highlights: United Airlines Top Up Order With Airbus & Boeing
Photo Credit: Airbus.

United Airlines made the headlines earlier this year with a top-up order for 110 aircraft with Airbus & Boeing.

In the last few moments (October 3, 2023), United Airlines has made an order for 110 aircraft from Airbus & Boeing, 60 from the European planemaker and 50 from the American one.

This represents an expansion of existing orders already made from both manufacturers, as all eyes are on growth and fleet renewal.

Without further ado, let’s get into it…

The Airbus Side of the Order…

United Airlines Orders 110 Aircraft from Airbus & Boeing
Photo Credit: Airbus.

On the Airbus side of the order, United Airlines has placed an order for an additional 60 A321neo aircraft, which will add to the 50 A321XLR and 70 A321neos on order already.

It is understood also that the airline can still exercise options for another 40 should they wish to opt for this in the future.

Christian Scherer, the Airbus Chief Commercial Officer, had this to say about the order:

“Upon introduction of the A321neo into its fleet in the coming weeks, United will take full benefit of Airbus’ Airspace cabin, providing an exceptional customer and cabin crew experience completely in phase with the United Next initiative”.

“With regard to operations, the A321neo’s fuel efficiency, lower carbon footprint, and lower maintenance and operating costs will be a game changer for our partners at United.”

It is understood that the A321neos will have the Airbus Airspace cabin fitted onto them.

The Boeing Side of the Order for United Airlines…

Photo Credit: Boeing.


United Airlines has utilized Boeing for the longer-haul side of the equation by exercising options to order 50 more 787-9 Dreamliner aircraft.

This means that the carrier has 150 units of the type ordered in total, which will make it the largest operator of the type in the world.

Commenting on this deal was Stan Deal, the President & CEO of Boeing Commercial Airplanes:

“United’s unprecedented commitment to the 787 Dreamliner family is a testament to the market-leading operating economics and reliability of Boeing’s widebody jets”.

“With the 787, United will enjoy all the synergies of operating one of the largest, most efficient fleets in the skies.”

Adding to this was Scott Kirby, the CEO of United Airlines:

“We’re building a bright future at United, and this order takes our already successful United Next plan into the next decade and beyond”.

“Our planning and focus on the long term have helped us surge past other airlines that stood still.”

“I’m convinced our strategy is the right one as we continue to add new, larger aircraft to take full advantage of our growing flying opportunities both internationally and domestically”.

With these fresh orders, it means that the airline will receive a total of 800 new aircraft between now and 2032.

Overall, it’s been a big day over at United’s HQ making this significant order, with all eyes on what the plans will be with these jets moving forward.

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