Ukraine Crisis

Ukraine Crisis: Ural Airlines A320 Disabled on Runway at Irkutsk

LONDON - It has emerged that a Ural Airlines Airbus A320 got stuck after landing on the runway at Irkutsk

Ukraine Crisis: Footage Shows Russian Mi-8 Helicopter Downed in Donetsk Oblast

LONDON - Footage sourced from @OSINTtechnical on Twitter shows a Russian Mi-8 Helicopter being downed by Ukrainian forces in Donetsk

Ukraine Crisis: RadarBox – Aeroflot’s Movement Numbers Fall Further

LONDON - Aeroflot's operational flight movement statistics continue to fall further as the Ukraine Crisis continues, according to data from

Ukraine Crisis: Russian Airlines Expected to Carry 103m Passengers in 2023

LONDON - Despite sanctions hitting the region hard, Rosaviatsia believes that Russian carriers could carry up to 103 million passengers

Ukraine Crisis: Russian Su-27s Fired A Missile at an RAF RC-135 Rivet Joint

LONDON - The UK Defense Secretary Ben Wallace has told MPs that on September 29, a Russian Sukhoi Su-27 fired

Ukraine Crisis: Ural Airlines Stripped Of Export Privileges

LONDON - The U.S Bureau of Industry & Security (BIS) has issued an order stripping Russian carrier Ural Airlines of

Ukraine Crisis: Russian Su-34 Crashes Into Residential Building

LONDON - Reports are coming through that a Russian Su-34 has crashed into a block of flats in Yeysk, Krasnodar,

Ukraine Crisis: Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport’s Movements Drop 25%

LONDON - In a well-aligned pattern with Aeroflot, Moscow's Sheremetyevo Airport's movements based on a seven-day rolling average have dropped

Ukraine Crisis: Aeroflot’s Flight Movements Drop 20%

LONDON - According to data from, Aeroflot's flight movements based on a seven-day rolling average have dropped by over

Ukraine Crisis: Russian Hackers Attack American Airport Websites

LONDON - According to U.S media, more than a dozen U.S airport websites were hacked by Russian groups who have

Ukraine Crisis: Virgin Atlantic Axes Hong Kong – Russian Airspace Bans Bite Further

LONDON - Virgin Atlantic axing Hong Kong permanently signifies the disabled growth opportunities for long-haul carriers wanting to operate into

Ukraine Crisis: Madness in Moscow As Departures Intensify As Russian Men Escape

LONDON - Madness in Moscow has occurred as departures have intensified as Russian men aged 18-65 look to escape the