Airbus’ Transparency Over CO2 Emissions Reveals Climate Concerns

Photo: Airbus
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LONDON - Back in February this year, European aerospace giant Airbus revealed that "1,429 aircraft sold in 2019 and 2020" will "emit over 1bn tonnes of CO2", revealing considerable climate concerns in a new arena which is focusing on becoming carbon neutral (Jolly, 2021). This figure produced by Airbus is based on each of the 1,429 aircraft averaging an "in-service lifetime of approximately 22 years" as per its findings from the Scope 3 Disclosure document on their website (Airbus, 2021). This article will take a look at the manufacturer's findings presented a couple of months ago as well as what the company is aiming to do in order to combat this, especially through its innovative ideas towards hydrogen-powered aircraft. Airbus'
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