Omicron: Delivering Another Fatal Blow to the Aviation Industry

Photo: Harrison Rowe | AviationSource
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LONDON - All was planned for Christmas and New Year holidays. Suitcases packed, and people ready to go towards new destinations after a two-year hiatus. Until the increase in Omicron cases led governments to impose more restrictive measures: tests, quarantines, bans. An already-seen film. A disaster for airlines and, from a broader perspective, for the entire tourism industry. More Restrictions & Less Confidence "Travel exists on a degree of confidence," Ryanair's boss Michael O’Leary told The Guardian on December 15. Europe's largest low-cost airline will carry fewer than 10 million passengers this month instead of the expected 11 million. Photo: Thomas Saunders | AviationSource In the interview with the Brit
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Alessio Olivetti

UK-based journalist, analyst, private pilot.

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