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LONDON – In our part to promote our photography team & our shop, let’s continue this new series by introducing Emil Bree, from Berlin, Germany.

About Emil…

Hello guys! I am Emil, I am 20 years old and I come from Berlin, Germany. Living here, you always get in touch with aviation in one way or another.

In fact, our city would not be what it is today if it weren´t for the Infamous “Rosinenbombers” back in the 1940s.

No doubt it sparked my love for aviation at a very young age.

I can still recall that the biggest highlights of every vacation were the flights from one of the 2 Berlin airports which were in Operation when I was a child.

But it was Tegel Airport, or TXL as we like to call it which really made me pick up the hobby of Planespotting. In the Spring of 2017, I went to the Airport with the sole objective of taking airplane pictures for the very first time.

Back then I always had to ask my mother to take her camera.

From early 2018 on, I could finally spot with my first own camera. I quickly made new friends within the hobby and spent countless hours with them on the visitor terrace of Tegel Airport.

I was always very excited when I got Information on special government flights or unscheduled charter services from our group chat because I could “go on the hunt” for certain planes and fill my ever-growing Photo archive.

Sadly though, I lost a big part of that in early 2020 because of a data crash due to a virus attack on my PC.

Obviously, I wasn’t held back by that and continued to go spotting and set a new “quality standard” for myself which I still hold up to today. And that is to only keep pictures where the aircraft is well lit.

Some people criticize me for that and say I am too perfectionist but I see myself as the more “traditional” spotter and not some kind of artist who makes daring edits.

Also, what is more, satisfying to get that shot that you pictured in your head after thoughtful consideration on where to position yourself?

What impresses me the most about the aviation community is that so many people, regardless of age, gender, profession, or origin come together to celebrate one thing: Airplanes!

You can always meet new people during spotting sessions and chat with them for hours about pretty much everything. I personally have formed close friendships through the aviation community.

Emil’s Work…

You can follow Emil on Instagram via @contrails_aviation_photography as well as support him via our shop by clicking here to look at his products!

Remember, 99% of the revenue made from each sale goes to the photographer, with 1% covering the costs of our payment provider.

Be sure to purchase a photo from Emil today!

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