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LONDON – In our part to promote our photography team & our shop, let’s start this new series by introducing Charlie Carter, from Sydney, Australia.

About Charlie…

Here is a little bit about Charlie and his time in aviation:

“I have been around aircraft all my life; I was born in a Royal Air Force hospital, my father and grandfather were both in the RAF.”

“Childhood trips from my native Devon to see my grandparents would regularly see us spend time at Manchester Airport at the old viewing park (where the second runway now sits) and transitioned to the current location, we continued visiting well into my adulthood until his passing.

“One particular visit to see Concorde sparked my own passion for aviation, and when Concorde came to Exeter Airport (my local), that passion grew exponentially.”

“Having a terrible camera for Concorde’s final landing at Filton in November 2003 was the catalyst for me wanting to get good camera equipment to take good photographs of aircraft, and when I first came to Australia I was taken in by the local plane spotting community to help grow my skills.”

“Outside of aviation, I was a keen cricketer (which brought me to Australia in the first place), and while here one season I met the Australian woman who is now my wife I am based in Sydney and have been since 2013.”

“Together we have traveled to various locations and so I have aviation photos from places like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Washington DC, Brisbane, Paris, London, Manchester, Exeter, Dublin, and of course Sydney, with some aerial photos amongst them.”

“I also produce the audio for a world-renowned podcast called The MJCast about the late entertainer Michael Jackson, including news, discussion, and interviews with family members and people who worked with him.”

“Over the years I have improved and got the equipment I am happy with to the point I can provide photos for AviationSource, whose founder James Field I met on a day trip plane spotting in Brisbane.”

My favorite thing about aviation was always (and still is) Concorde, but also the feeling of being in the sky is almost too special to put into words. Now that I have a Pilot’s Licence I am lucky to have that feeling regularly. I hope you enjoy my photography!”

Some of His Work…

You can follow Charlie on Instagram via @alphacharliephotos as well as support him via our shop by clicking here to look at his products!

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