Photographer Profile – Adrian Olstad

LONDON – In our part to promote our photography team & our shop, let’s start this new series by introducing Adrian Olstad, from Oslo, Norway.

About Adrian…

“My name is Adrian, I’m 16 years old, born and raised in Oslo, Norway.” 

“Aviation has always been a passion of mine and I now express my passion through photography.”

“Trips to the airport and flights at a very young age definitely sparked my interest and I knew early what I wanted to become when I grew up. I set my mind to becoming a pilot and I haven’t said anything else since.”

“As a kid, I spent my free time gazing at airplanes whenever they passed overhead, and I still do so to this day, with the same big dream of getting my license and flying myself. “

“As I grew older, I started going to the airport with friends that I’d made through social media after sharing my images that were at the time, taken with my phone. “

“I knew I wanted to step up my game and I knew I needed an ok DSLR to be able to achieve what I wanted to. I couldn’t afford it.”

“Christmas of 2019, I received my first DSLR and immediately started going to the airport to start my spotting journey.”

“I could spend hours, mornings, evenings, and late nights there just to get the shots I wanted, regardless of light and weather.”

“I started sharing my images on my Instagram page shortly after but almost gave up as I didn’t feel like I was doing well.”

“One day when I was scrolling through my inbox, I got the shock of a lifetime when I had a request from Emirates asking me to take a day off and photograph their re-inaugural-arrival, mid pandemic.”

“This was a catalyst for me to continue and make progress, and since then, I’ve come a long way. From zero to published. As time went on, more requests came in from private people and airlines. “

“This is when I knew I couldn’t stop. As of now, my main goal is to inspire and share my passion with fellow avgeeks across the globe. “

“I’ll never give up on my dream and hope to share images from the flight deck in the future.”

“When asked what my thing favorite about aviation is, I usually just answer “Having the dream to fly high, and never look down from the skies”.

Adrian’s Work…

You can follow Adrian on Instagram via @king.aviation as well as support him via our shop by clicking here to look at his products!

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