Wizz Air Joins EU Commission Alliance for Zero-Emission Aviation

A Wizz Air Airbus aircraft taking off at Hamburg.
MarcelX42, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

LONDON – European ultra-low-cost airline Wizz Air has announced that it has joined the Alliance for Zero-Emission Aviation (AZEA), a voluntary initiative launched by the European Commission to pave the way for next-generation sustainable aircraft.

According to the CAPA – Centre for Aviation Awards for Excellence 2022, Wizz Air is Europe’s fastest growing and most environmentally sustainable airline globally

On 14 November, Wizz Air joined public and private partners at the General Assembly hosted by EUROCONTROL and spearheaded by the Directorate-General for Defence Industry and Space (DEFIS) of the European Commission.

Wizz Air joins AZEA alongside a range of public and private aviation stakeholders, united by the shared mission to decarbonise the industry by facilitating the successful commercialisation of hydrogen and electric aircraft.

To achieve this, AZEA members will work together to identify barriers to advancing zero-emission aircraft, establish recommendations and a roadmap to address them, and promote investment projects.

Within AZEA, Wizz Air will share information with members on the expected challenges and solutions for achieving zero emission aircraft from an ultra-low-cost carrier perspective.

Ultra-low-cost carriers are well placed to lead the transition to a more sustainable aviation industry given their high seat density and load factor, low fuel consumption and modern and tech-driven fleet, leading to significantly lower carbon footprint per passenger kilometre compared to other airlines.

Participation in the AZEA’s meetings will provide Wizz Air with a much deeper understanding of how operating zero emission hydrogen aircraft could positively impact the airline’s future business model, and ultimately, eliminate the sector’s climate impact.

Joining AZEA is further demonstration of Wizz Air’s continued commitment to sustainability and supports its target to reduce carbon emissions intensity per passenger kilometre by 25% by 2030.

Cutting-edge technology, such as hydrogen, will play a key role in advancing Wizz Air’s long-term sustainability strategy.

Wizz Air statement

Johan Eidhagen, Chief People and ESG Officer of Wizz Air, said: “We are pleased to have joined AZEA, and look forward to working with its members to collaborate on the ongoing research and development required for hydrogen aircraft operations.”

“It is imperative that all stakeholders in the aviation ecosystem – from airlines and airports to regulators and fuel providers – coordinate to ensure the infrastructure is ready for the deployment of this technology on a large scale.”

“At Wizz Air, we remain ambitious in our sustainability strategy and are committed to invest in cutting-edge technology, paving the way to more sustainable air travel. We are and will continue to be the greenest choice of flying.”

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