Wise Words from Delta this summer season

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​​LONDON – One of the United States’ largest carriers is giving advice to travelers for the upcoming season. 

The airline is very committed to being more technology-driven and looks like it’s catapulting to becoming the U.S’s favorites airlines, in terms of customer service. 

It looks like their drive to yearning for better performances is seeing a positive effect, where cancellations are down by 35% from the month of May.

The domestic operations of Delta are also improving significantly, as the airline maintains the first place in on-time arrival rates, for five months in a row. This year is a complete contrast to the past 2 years of quiet and uncertainty. 

John Laughter,  E.V.P. and Chief of Operations stated that: 

“This phase of our recovery has been the most difficult. We’ve never had to bring the airline back at this speed before,” he added:

“Through this challenge, we continue to make decisions that allow us to run a good, safe operation while restoring our network, and taking care of our people and customers.”

The airline has reviewed its performances throughout the month of May for further improvements. In May alone, the biggest threat to operations usually happens on a weekday.

The airline has collated five pieces of advice for travelers flying during the peak and the chaotic summer season. 

Firstly, Delta is gearing toward technology and has been encouraging its travelers to use its Fly Delta App ass a ‘one-stop-service’, which will be useful for customers to manage their itineraries.

This will cut off the hassle of the customers having to call the much-clogged phone lines which many do. Moreover, passengers will also make use of the messaging gimmick to have a personal chat with Delta staff. 

Secondly, Delta advises its passenger to at least know their way around the airport.

The airline has given a recommendation for its valued passengers to Plan to arrive at the airport two hours ahead for domestic flights and three for international flights. It is crucial for passengers to keep such information handy as the peak travel season will be very busy. 

Thirdly, Delta recommends its passenger enroll in TSA’s approved CLEAR program, which is now installed throughout 35 airports across the USA.

They can now proceed with security with fingerprint and or retinal scan. Frequent fliers also consider the TSA PreCheck, which is available throughout 200 plus airports country-wide.

These programs are highly beneficial for passengers, especially frequent fliers to navigate through a busy airport. 

Fourthly, Delta always prioritizes its passenger experiences, and at the same time takes care of its staff. Delta staff wears the infamous ‘red coat’ throughout the airport. 

Lastly, as the aviation community is leaving the pandemic behind, Delta encourages passengers to continue to practice health measures despite masks being optional.

Though recently, the U.S government no longer needs inbound passengers to do a covid-19 test, the airport is still mindful and flexible of any policy changes, both at home and abroad. 

In recent months, U.S carriers, especially the major three airlines have received bad press in terms of customer services, and it looks like Delta Airlines have made an effort in protecting itself, by making guidelines for travelers in light of the upcoming summer season. 

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