Photo Credit: Joris Wendt/AviationSource

Ukraine Crisis: Wizz Air Offers 100,000 Free Seats To Support Ukrainian Refugees

LONDON – Wizz Air has today announced that Ukrainian refugees will be offered up to 100,000 free seats from neighboring countries this month.

The airline has added larger planes and extra flights from border countries to help support the movement of refugees as necessary.

Commenting on this move was Jozsef Varadi, the CEO of Wizz Air who said:

“Our hearts are with the Ukrainian people during this crisis. We are committed to helping as many Ukrainian refugees as possible to get to a safe place, which is why we will be offering them 100,000 free seats from the border countries and special rescue fares on all other flights.”

“We have already seen great humanitarian efforts on the ground by our people across the network, and as a company, we wanted to play our part in these efforts. We would be happy to provide a safe and welcoming journey for these refugees.”

This is an epic move from Wizz, and will no doubt be of major use to governments who are neighboring Ukraine in helping those displaced get easier access to what will be their new homes across Europe.

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