Ukraine Crisis: What’s Going On With the Antonov AN-225 Mriya?

Photo Credit: Harrison Rowe

LONDON – With the Ukraine crisis taking a new level with invasion, what’s going on with the Antonov AN-225 Mriya?

Rumors are suggesting that the aircraft has either left Kyiv or has been destroyed in the Ukrainian capital.

Data from suggests that it is still in Kyiv, with the last flight taking place on February 5, 2022, between Billund and the Ukrainian capital.

Kyiv’s Hostomel Airport, which bases the AN-225, was attacked by a bunch of Russian MI-8 Helicopters earlier on today, indicating reports that the aircraft may have been damaged.

This article is a developing story at present, as there has been understandably no official confirmation from Antonov about where the aircraft is.

Some are speculating that the aircraft may have left Kyiv without its transponder in order to avoid detection from the Russian army.

Hopefully, this aircraft has not been destroyed in the aftermath of the Russian invasion, and we hope that no more lives are shed as a result of the current events.


According to Dmytro Antonov, a Captain for Antonov Airlines, the AN-225 Mriya has NOT been damaged during the attacks at Gostomel.

Dmytro posted on Facebook that “the Mriya is whole” following the attacks, with large planes now becoming available.

Such a revelation comes following unconfirmed reports that the Mriya had been destroyed during the Russian MI-8 Helicopter attack on the Antonov base.

The airport has been occupied, however, as mentioned in a previous post on AviationSource.

Of course, this information is yet to be verified by Antonov directly but seems to be good news in the right direction.

Continue to follow AviationSource for more updates as we get it. This is a developing story.

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