N509FZ, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Ukraine Crisis: SkyUp Offers To Wet-Lease 15 Aircraft To Remain Afloat

LONDON – Ukrainian carrier SkyUp Airlines offers to transfer 15 Boeing 737 aircraft on wet-lease to foreign carriers.

The prerequisite for this is that the airline is not Russian or Belarussian.

In a statement, the airline said the following:

“We, the Ukrainian airline SkyUp Airlines, appeal to the global aviation family to support us and Ukraine in this fight.”

“In our fleet, we have 15 medium-haul Boeing-737 aircraft, the average age of which is 12 years. They are all ready to work and available for wet leasing”.

“By using our aircraft, you will help us continue our operational activities during the war and pay taxes to the state treasury, save 1,300 employees and support the affected Ukrainians as we will send every tenth dollar or euro to help the victims of the war.”

It is key that these aircraft get wet-leased to other carriers whilst this crisis is ongoing so then the airline can maintain itself in the wake of the Ukraine crisis.

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