Ukraine Crisis: Russian Hackers Attack American Airport Websites

LONDON – According to U.S media, more than a dozen U.S airport websites were hacked by Russian groups who have already taken responsibility for this.

It is understood the following websites have been affected:

  • LaGuardia
  • Atlanta
  • Chicago O’Hare
  • Los Angeles
  • Des Moines

As it stands, no other elements have been attacked, such as air traffic control and communications & transportation security operations.

As mentioned by Sam Sweeney, Atlanta has been able to bring its website back online, but no other update has been given regarding the other websites.

LaGuardia’s website is back online, but no statement has been released.

Atlanta Airport has released the following statement on social media:

At the time of writing, O’Hare’s website has been taking a long time to load up, with multiple attempts resulting in an error on the host side of the site.

LAX’s website is back online, but no statement has been released either.

Des Moines’ airport website is back online with a spokesperson saying the following:

This is a developing story.

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