Ukraine Crisis: Dozens of Rossiya Special Flight Squadrons Scramble out of Moscow

Anna Zvereva from Tallinn, Estonia, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

LONDON – Dozens of Rossiya Special Flight Squadron aircraft scramble out of Moscow and other airports for unknown reasons, as the Ukraine crisis continues.

As per Manu Gomez on Twitter, there is a list of certain aircraft that have left some of the airports in Moscow as well as the other stations:

  • RSD3 – Tupolev TU-204-300 – RA-64058
  • RSD73 – Antonov AN-148-100E – RA-61716
  • RSD71 – Sukhoi Superjet 100-95B – RA-89039
  • RSD74 – Ilyushin IL-96-300PU – RA-96021
  • RSD72 – Airbus A319-115CJ – RA-73025
  • RSD78 – Tupolev TU-214PU – RA-64532
  • RFF7576 – Tupolev TU-154M – RA-85123
  • RFF9947 – Tupolev TU-154M – RA-85042
  • RSD75 – Ilyushin IL-96-300 – RA-96017
  • RSD79 – Tupolev TU-214SR – RA-64516
  • K3R22629 – Ilyushin IL-76MD – RF-86925

It is unclear why all of these aircraft have scrambled out of the surrounding areas, but reports are suggesting it is either to pick up more reinforcements for the Russian army or leaders within the Russian government are evacuating.

This is a developing story.

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