Ukraine Crisis: Antonov AN-225 Mriya – What Next For The Aircraft Post-Damage?

Photo Credit: Harrison Rowe

LONDON – With footage confirming the destruction of the Antonov AN-225 Mriya, what is next for this aircraft type?

Such footage emerged today from Gostomel Airport, Kyiv of the aircraft bellowing flames, as well as the nose section of the aircraft, drooped down to the ground.

This has caused significant anger on the Antonov side, with the legendary aircraft probably needing to be written off or restored.

So, we now ask the question, what is next for the aircraft type post-damage?

The AN-225 Will Be Rebuilt At Russia’s Expense

Ukroboronprom, which manages Antonov, said that the AN-225 Mriya will be rebuilt at Russia’s expense as well as a second Mriya to be built too.

It is understood that the rebuild will cost around $3bn and will take up to five years to be restored to its former glory.

In a statement, the company said the following:

“The restoration is estimated to take over 3 bln USD and over 5 years. Our task is to ensure that these costs are covered by the Russian Federation, which has caused intentional damage to Ukraine’s aviation and the air cargo sector.”

Ukraine Crisis – Motivation for Second Mriya To Be Built

Yuriy Husyev, the General Director of Ukroboronprom, also expanded on this, even confirming that a new and second Mriya will be built after this conflict comes to an end.

“Russia has destroyed our “Mriya” (literally translated as “lathe” “dream”), but the dream of Ukraine to get free from the occupier cannot be destroyed. We will fight for our land and our home until we win.”

“And after the victory, we will definitely finish our new “Mriya”, which has been waiting for this in a safe place for many years. Everything will be Ukraine!”

These are of course strong words from Ukroboronprom, highlighting the level of anger that such Ukrainian businesses have with the Russian invasion.

Bearing in mind this conflict is far from over, and with Putin’s Russia not taking much accountability, it will be interesting to see whether the Russians would pay for this in the end or not.

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