UK Government Launches CAA Review

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LONDON – On August 30, in its 50th year of operations, the United Kingdom’s Government announced that it has begun a review of the country’s CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) in order to improve the regulator for the future.

The CAA Review

As part of a wider programme that was announced back in April 2022, the UK Government is reviewing the CAA’s effectiveness, efficiency, accountability and governance in order to improve public-facing organisations’ services to the country. The review is being led by an independent reviewer, all to ultimately ensure the highest standards of aviation safety and security. This will also include the review of the regulator’s efficient use of the country’s airspace and space operations.

The UK Government has outlined five action points that the review is intended to focus on. These five points are as follows –

  • Its efficiency and effectiveness in delivering its current services and future services.
  • Its role, form, function and delivery model.
  • Its corporate governance and assurance mechanisms.
  • The regulator’s relationship with the Department for Transportation and how both organisations work together to deliver a quality service to the country.
  • How do the CAA’s priorities match the UK Government’s wider objectives?

As the UK’s aviation sector continues to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, the CAA had played a significant role to aid the country’s recovery. As part of this the UK Government, back in June 2022, outlined a 22-point action plan that was put into effect following the relaxation of Covid rules throughout the aviation sector in order to ensure that passengers had any form of disruptions minimised, as well as protection methods in the event of severe delays or in worst case scenarios, cancellations.

The CAA will also continue to play a key role in the UK’s aviation sector’s innovation and future challenges. The government also outlined a 10-year plan that will set the framework for the sector, ultimately future-proofing it, which was outlined back in May 2022 in the country’s ‘Flightpath to the future.

Commenting on the announcement of the CAA’s review, Transport Secretary, Grant Shapps, says, “Civil aviation regulation is the lynchpin of an industry while pre-pandemic carried millions of passengers every year, contributed £22 billion to our economy and supported nearly one million jobs.”

“This review will ensure UK civil aviation regulation continues to be world-leading on safety, security, environmental considerations, economic regulation and consumer protection – which often supports other countries in driving up global standards.”

Adding to Shapps’ comments, the CAA’s Chair, Sir Stephen Hillier, has said, “At the Civil Aviation Authority, we work tirelessly on our mission to achieve improvements in aviation and aerospace for consumers and the public. We welcome the opportunity this review presents to highlight the dedication, skill and continuous learning culture of our organisation, whilst identifying any areas for improvement.”

“It will help ensure that we continue to be a diverse, innovative and future-focused regulator, dedicated to improving aviation safety, security and consumer interests and enabling a thriving aerospace sector. We look forward to working in an open, transparent and collaborative way with the government to support this review.”


It is certainly a good thing to see that the UK Government is carrying out this review on the CAA. Hopefully, the review proves to be a huge success with improvements that are welcomed by many of the industry’s businesses and even by the flying public as well.

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