TUI chooses E195-E2 for E-jet fleet

A render of the new TUI Embraer E195 aircraft in flight.
Image Credit: Embraer

LONDON – The TUI Group have chosen the Embraer E195-E2 jet as the latest announced addition to their fleet, making a grand entrance as a more quiet and fuel efficient aircraft to their total fleet. The aircrafts are to be leased from lessor AerCap

The order

On October 20, the TUI Group announced they have placed an order for Embraer E195-E2 jets, which are the newer, more sustainable and quiet series of aircraft Embraer offers for commercial use.

As the quietest and most efficient aircraft with less than 150 seats, the TUI Fly Belgium fleet, will see additions of the aircraft type with deliveries set to start in the first half of year 2023.

The aircraft will be on a lease from international lessor AerCap, and will be powered by Pratt & Whitney GTF engines, containing a 136 seat, single-class configuration.

The addition of the new aircraft type is a part of a fleet renewal for the TUI Group and their respective airlines, and the E2-series is by far a great aircraft for this renewal, given it’s record low emission and noise levels.

TUI & AerCap statements

TUI Group’s Chief Airline Officer, Marco Ciomperlik, commented saying: “We are thrilled to add the E195-E2 to our Belgium fleet. Operating on short and medium haul routes, the new airplane is the most efficient aircraft in the market. It uses less fuel, has a longer range, while at the same time is 50% quieter and emits up to a third less carbon dioxide.”

“The airplanes will operate mostly out of Antwerp, from where they will fly to more distant airports, which will allow us to expand into new holiday destinations from Northern Belgium.”

Tom Chandler, TUI Group’s Managing Director Fleet and Asset Management, also commented : “The selection of the E195-E2 is an important milestone to make TUI’s fleet even more efficient in support of our sustainability goals.”

“Working together with AerCap, Embraer and Pratt & Whitney, we have agreed on an attractive package that enables TUI to provide travellers from regional airports in Belgium an even better start to their holidays.”

Lessor AerCap further commented on the lease agreement, with Chief Commercial Officer, Peter Anderson, saying: “We are very pleased to announce the lease placement of three E195-E2s with TUI. AerCap has a long history of working with TUI and we are excited to be a part of their fleet renewal plan.”

Anderson then added: “The E195-E2s are the perfect aircraft to support TUI’s operations with greater versatility and improved efficiencies, enabling them to meet their sustainability commitments. We wish TUI every success with the E2-Jets, and we look forward to working with them as these aircraft deliver.”

Embraer statements

The aircraft producer, Embraer, also gave a great welcome to the TUI Group, with Chief Commercial Officer, Martyn Holmes, saying: “We welcome TUI, already operators of the first generation E190, to the E2 family of operators.”

“The economics of the Embraer E195-E2 combined with its comfort, is a win win for TUI – allowing the operator to increase capacity and delight their guests, while still reducing fuel costs and lowering emissions. We’re pleased to continue our long relationship with TUI and thank AerCap for their partnership.”


It’s clear that the TUI Group has decided to add the E195-E2 after careful consideration. With the Embraer E2-jet series, both noise and emissions are at an extreme low, making the aircraft just the right fit besides their Boeing 737 and Embraer E1-jet aircraft.

With AerCap’s long relationship with the TUI Group, they have both likely hit a golden bird with this deal, as it appears from the comments given, that leasing terms and agreements have been in favour for both parts of the deal.

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