The Upcoming Sanicole Airshow: A Closer Look

Photo Credit: Sanicole Airshow

LONDON – From Saturday to Sunday, the world-renowned Sanicole Airshow will take place. The show itself described it as one of the most rewarding airshows in Europe.

This year’s Airshow will be the 43rd, with the first one taking place in 1977. The airshow has counted over 40,000 visitors every year over the past years.

This year, our photographers Arash Abed, Emil Bree, and Joris Wendt will attend the event in Limburg, Belgium.

This year, the airshow is celebrating the 75th anniversary of the US Air Force, which was founded on September 18th, 1947.

On the website, the organizer states that: “On the occasion of the anniversary of the most powerful Air Force in the world and a very loyal partner of our International Sanicole Airshow, we are thrilled to present a number of airplanes both in a static and flying display which will honor the history and the future of the USAF.”

On Saturday, the first day of the show, the airshow will host some of the world’s most famous flying teams. The Turkish Stars, the Saudi Hawks, and the F35 lightning display team are just three of the 15 flying displays that can be experienced on Saturday.

Other confirmed displays on Saturday will be:

  • A400M – Belgian Air Force
  • A-109 Augusta – Belgian Air Force
  • F16 – Belgian Air Force
  • Parachutistes de l’Armée de L’air
  • Mustang X-Ray – Armée de l’Air
  • W-3 Sokol – Czech Air Force
  • F-18 Hornet – Swiss Air force
  • Flying Bulls B-25 Mitchell – Austria
  • Flying Bulls P38 – Civilian Austria
  • A330 – Air Belgium
  • Rich Goodwin Muscle Pitts – Civilian UK
  • Firebirds – Civilian UK

On Sunday, there will be over 30 displays with a variety of different aircraft and display teams.

Confirmed Displays on Sunday:

  • Turkish Stars – Turkish Air Force
  • Saudi Hawks – Saudi Arabian air force
  • USAF Heritage Flight – United States
  • F-16 Fighting Falcon – Belgian Air Force
  • Agusta A109 – Belgian Air Force
  • Red Devils – Belgian Air Force
  • NH-90 Naval Frigate Helicopter- Belgian Air Force
  • A400M – Belgian Air Force
  • Thundertigers – Belgian Air force
  • W-3 Sokol – Czech Air Force
  • Baby Blue Team – Danish Air force
  • Pilatus PC-21 – Armée de l’Air
  • NH 90 Tactical Transport Helicopter German Army Aviation
  • Daedalus – Hellenic Air force
  • M346 Master – Italian Air force
  • EF2000 Typhoon – Italian Air force
  • C-27 Spartan – Italian Air force
  • Royal Jordanian Falcons
  • F-18 Hornet – Swiss Air force
  • Royal Navy Wildcat – Royal Navy
  • T-6 Harvard x 2 – RNLAF historic flight
  • Flying Bulls B-25 Mitchell – Austria
  • Flying Bulls P38 – Civilian Austria
  • Flying Bulls Sycamore – Civilian Austria
  • The Blades aerobatic team – United Kingdom
  • Formation Team The Victors – Civilian Belgium
  • Lockheed Electra Junior – Civilian Belgium
  • Rich Goodwin Muscle Pitts – Civilian UK
  • Firebirds – Civilian UK
  • Stijn De Jaeghere T-6 – Civilian Belgium
  • Pilatus PC-7 MkX
  • Parachutistes de l’Armée de L’air
  • USAF F-22 flight pass

This will definitely make for a weekend full of fun spotting activities. For more information check out the website of the airshow.
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