SpiceJet Acquires Approval for EU & UK Cargo Operations

N509FZ, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

LONDON – According to Redbox India, SpiceJet has acquired approval to operate cargo operations in the United Kingdom and European Union countries.

At the time of writing, SpiceJet hasn’t released a press release regarding this, with it being unclear what sort of aircraft will be used for these operations.

According to data from Planespotters.net, SpiceJet has the following cargo aircraft in its fleet:

  • VT-SFB – Boeing 737-700(F)
  • VT-SFD – Boeing 737-700(F)
  • VT-SFE – Boeing 737-700(F)
  • VT-SFF – Boeing 737-800(F)
  • VT-SFG – Boeing 737-800(F)
  • VT-SUB – Bombardier DHC-8-400(F)
  • VT-SUD – Bombardier DHC-8-400(F)
  • VT-SUE – Bombardier DHC-8-400(F)

So What Aircraft Would They Use?

With this news coming at an early stage, it is unclear what they would use for these cargo operations.

Providing that no aircraft are ordered under lease or through direct ownership, the Boeing freighters would probably be the most likely equipment for these operations.

This, of course, would include multiple stops, but with cargo being a thriving market at present, making the multiple stops could produce different revenue streams for the airline.

Many cargo carriers operate multiple stops, sometimes in the same country, in order to boost revenue streams whilst the respective aircraft are on their global trips.

Limited on Capacity?

SpiceJet would probably have to acquire some larger aircraft, especially with the Boeing freighters being limited in capacity compared to the A330P2F, Boeing 777 Freighters, and others.

An order could be likely, especially with the Farnborough Air Show due to take place next month, where we could potentially see some more insight into this.

The Indian carrier would probably acquire the aircraft through leasing companies, which it does already with Acumen Aviation for its current cargo fleet.

Even so, the expansion of its cargo wing is possible with the current fleet that it has, but the question will always remain around capacity.

What About Destinations?

Again, it’s easy to speculate on destinations, but SpiceJet would more than likely opt for destinations that have a high cargo output, and with enough spare market share to thrive.

For the EU, you have the likes of Frankfurt, Leipzig, Amsterdam, Paris, and others as an example of where the services could end before the return flights are initiated.

As for the UK, you have the likes of London Heathrow, East Midlands, Manchester, and London Stansted as a few that the carrier could operate into.

This all depends on what sort of market SpiceJet wants to serve, whether it is primary destinations, or whether they have the right demand in secondary destinations.


What remains clear is that SpiceJet’s approval could very well be the start of something big for the carrier.

Looking ahead, it will be interesting to see when the Indian carrier announces the destinations for this supposed expansion, as well as whether any aircraft will be ordered or not.

Such a determination of success will depend on whether the airline aims to penetrate busy markets, or whether it is happy to settle for secondary markets due to the capacity of its Boeing freighters.

Either way, this is an exciting time for SpiceJet and it will be interesting to see how the carrier gets on with this.

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