Spain Upgrades its Defence Capabilities with 20 New Eurofighters

Photo Credit: BAE Systems

LONDON – Eurofighter Typhoon now has its latest customer – the Spanish Air Force. BAE Systems announced on the 23rd of June that Spain is now expanding its fleet of existing Eurofighter Typhoons by an additional 20.

This significant order outlines Spain’s commitment to protecting its homeland and the wider European and NATO air space as a whole. This order also gives the Eurofighter an increasing role in the protection of such airspaces. 

BAE Aerospace, part of the Eurofighter Typhoon consortium, is satisfied with the order from their Spanish counterpart.

The consortium will deliver the aircraft armed with one of the most advanced new electronic-scanning radars, which ensures Spain can effectively protect and future-proof its airspace defence capabilities well into the year 2060s and beyond. 

BAE Systems, as a part of the Eurofighter Consortium, is a conglomerate of several European companies including Airbus Defence and Space, of France, Germany and Spain at 46%, BAE Systems Military and Information of the United Kingdom at 32% and 21% owned by Leonardo of Italy. 

BAE Systems, in this case, spearheads the overall structure design, development, upgrade and manufacture and is based in the United Kingdom. Moreover, BAE is also looking after its manufacturing aspects of the aircraft, and in fact more than a third of the Typhoon for the Spanish Eurofighters.

BAE’s contribution to a single Eurofighter jet includes the jet’s front fuselage and tail, under a tight-knitted contract valued at over £500m. 

Andrea Thompson, Managing Director – Europe and International for BAE Systems’ Air sector, and Chair of the Eurofighter Supervisory Board, enthusiastically said:

“The Spanish Government’s commitment to purchasing additional Typhoons reinforces its position as one of the world’s most successful combat military aircraft. Every day we are seeing the important role which it plays in delivering air security in the skies over Europe and this investment only strengthens the international partnership which Eurofighter underpins.”

“The fact that an existing Typhoon operator is committing to buying additional aircraft only reinforces their confidence in the aircraft and its performance.”

“Our people will now work alongside our Eurofighter partners to ensure we provide the Spanish Air Force with the aircraft it needs to secure its skies for decades to come.” 

The Spanish commitment for 20 new Eurofighters comes after the order of 38 new typhoons from Germany back in late 2020.

Eurofighter Consortium confirms that the production of components for the Spanish batch is now underway at BAE’s System facilities in Samlesbury and Warton, Lancashire.

The engineers based at these facilities are not working on the high-tech radars and the new sensor systems. 

BAE currently employs 5,000 staff who contribute directly to the jet programme in the UK and indirectly supporting more than 10,000 jobs in the country alone.

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