SKY Express to add more A320neos in the future

Colin Cooke Photo, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

LONDON – To follow its commitment to a more sustainable aviation future, SKY Express is integrating the most fuel-efficient plane of all time from Airbus – the A320neo.

Fuel efficiency

The newest addition, the A320neo, is one of the most fuel-efficient planes in its class, being almost on par with the Boeing 737 MAX. The plane will be strengthening the airline with its most modern technical specifications, seat availability, and the best service for passengers.

The new addition to the A320neo fleet is part of SKY Express’s ongoing investment plan to improve the overall effort to create the right conditions for the promotion of the national tourism product.

SKY Express

The airline was established in 2005 to offer many people the opportunity to fly to many Greece destinations as an air taxi. The airline subsequently expanded and currently operates many international destinations with a handful of different aircraft.

The airline uses the A320s for many international flights while they use the ATR 42/72 for the national routes. The airline also has codeshares with many airlines, such as KLM, Air France, Qatar Airways, American Airlines, MEA, and Delta.

SKY Express can offer passengers from these airlines flights to 34 unique Greek destinations all year round.

CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons


The airline has a relatively low fleet commonality, as the airline has a mix of 2 different kinds of aircraft in its inventory. These 2 airplanes would increase the costs for the airline to maintain and operate them, as each plane has its own cost.

This would normally be a drawback, but if the airline manages to utilize them well enough, then it wouldn’t seem like a big problem.

The airline’s choice to use the more fuel-efficient A320neo is a big step forward in order to go to a sustainable future, as they are, together with the Boeing 737 MAX, the most modern and fuel-efficient plane of its class in the market.

Combined with the already existing A320ceo, the choice to get the A320neo was an easy choice to make. The biggest added benefit of choosing the A320neo is that the plane would join a fleet of the already existing A320s.

This makes the transition to the A320neo both cheap and fast, as the only training the pilots have to do is to undergo a couple of simulation sessions and that’s that.

SKY Express has an open order for 2 A321neo, who will join the Airbus family fleet of the airline, which will increase the airline’s output. It should come without saying that if SKY would not utilize the plane to its fullest extent, then the expansion would be for naught.

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