Schipol Airport Set to Improve Working Conditions for Security Staff

Queues of people at Schiphol Airport security control.
Ymblanter, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

LONDON – Ongoing talks between Schipol Airport, unions CNV & FNV and security companies have resulted in an agreement being signed on a social package that will overhaul the terms and conditions of security employees at the Dutch capital’s airport. 

As the airport continues to strive for a better customer experience, it is thought this agreement will improve employment conditions for security staff, and thus, attract more staff into the sector that will in turn increase passenger comfort and efficiency.

Wage increases

The package sees improvements for Schiphol Airport security personnel across the board, guaranteeing higher wages, more favourable working rosters and better rest areas for staff. Starting from November, security staff will be paid an additional 2.50 euros per hour, this on top of their already pre agreed salary as part of the collective labour agreement (CLA).

The approximate 40 percent increase on wages could prove to be a big step toward being able to improve the attractiveness of the position, something that endeavours to bring more new people into the role to solve a current staff shortage. 

The Netherlands biggest airport already supplements 1.40 euros per hour on a limited-time agreement until 1 September 2023. Fast forward to January 1st 2023 and wages will be boosted by the inflation agreement that applies to the aforementioned collective labour agreement.

On top of this, there will be an additional supplement of 35 percent for anyone that begins their shift between the hours of midnight and 5.30am. All hours worked between these times and 6.00am will be eligible for the 35 percent increase.

Schiphol Airport statement

Chief Operating Officer for Schipol Airport, Hanne Buis has said this of the agreement: “Over the past few months, we’ve had constructive talks with the security staff, and we have listened to them carefully. It became clear to us that it was very important to them that we tackle the issues of rosters and rest areas.”

“Our top priority was to improve both their wages and their working conditions in order to make Schiphol a better workplace. This total package of higher wages, better rosters and improved rest areas will make Schiphol a more attractive place to work for security officers.”

“For us, the structural improvement of the terms and conditions of employment is directly related to the structural improvement of the quality of Schiphol Airport as a whole, for both travellers and airlines.” 

Improvements in working conditions

As well as a boost to wages, working rosters and rest areas are set undergo improvements. Both of these had been highlighted as ‘problem areas’ by employees during talks.

Work has already started on making changes to rest areas, with a lot more budget being allocated to improving the comfort areas for employees whilst taking a break from shift. Employees are being listened to on this topic to ensure they make the right improvements and invest budget wisely.

In relation to improving working rosters, beginning January 2 2023, the number of times during the day that a security officers shift can start will decrease dramatically to a maximum of ten per day. Doing this sets to improve transparency and in turn, improve employees work-life balance.

As the recruitment drive continues, if a job in airport security is something that is of interest to you, head over to the Schipol airport website for more information.

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