SAS signs letter of support with Heart Aerospace

An aerial view of the SAS electric powered aircraft designed by Heart Aerospace..
Image Credit: SAS

OSLO – Scandinavian carrier SAS (SK) has signed a Letter of Support with Swedish aerospace company, Heart Aerospace, for the option to add their newest electric aircraft to the regional fleet.

Electric for the Scandinavian skies

For multiple years, the journey of electrifying air travel, has been a major topic within the aviation world.

As we aim to reduce our carbon emissions and lower our general footprint, the world of aviation is not far behind. With electric aircraft concept designs appearing more and more, airlines are starting to show their interest.

On September 15, Scandinavian carrier SAS (SK), signed a Letter of Support with Gothenburg based aerospace engineers, Heart Aerospace, with the option to add multiple of the companies new ES-30 aircraft, to the SAS (SK) regional fleet.

This has the potential to be a major step in SAS’s journey for more sustainable air travel, enabling zero-emission flights on routes within Scandinavia.

President & CEO of the SAS Group, Anko van der Werff, said on the announcement:”Together with the entire industry, we have the responsibility to make air travel more sustainable.”

“SAS is dedicated to transforming aviation so that coming generations can continue connecting the world and enjoy the benefits of travel – but with a more sustainable footprint. The letter of support with Heart Aerospace is an important step in that direction.”

Taking flight in 2028

The ES-30 aircraft is set to be certified for commercial flight operations by year 2028, giving Heart Aerospace more time to work on the aircraft, it’s range and other considerations.

The ES-30 has a range of 200 kilometres fully electric. However, there is a reserve-hybrid system installed to secure reserve energy requirements without cannibalizing battery range.

The reserve-hybrid system can also be used during the cruise phase on longer flights to complement the electrical power provided by the main batteries.

The reserve-hybrid system gives the ES-30 an extended range of up to 400 kilometers with 30 passengers, and possibility to fly up to 800 kilometers with 25 passengers onboard.

SAS & Heart Aerospace

Back in 2019, the Scandinavian carrier had already joined forces with Heart Aerospace to help with development of the ES-30 aircraft.

Anko van der Werff, further concluded: “The electric aircraft will be a great complement to our existing fleet serving shorter and thinner routes in Denmark, Norway and Sweden, in a more sustainable way.”

“The innovation and new technology this represents will take us towards our future goal of becoming a zero-emission industry.”

As well as helping in the development of the aircraft, SAS (SK) will also be part of the Industry Advisory Board of Heart Aerospace, meaning they will assist in defining requirements for the ES-30 aircraft.

The partnership that is between Heart Aerospace and SAS (SK), is a major step forward in securing more sustainable air travel for the next generations to come.


SAS (SK) seem to have shown interest in the ES-30 project for three years already, making it unsurprising that they have signed a Letter of Support with the company.

The ES-30 aircraft seem to be very much welcome in the regional fleet of SAS, and will as said, be the next step forward in securing sustainable air travel for the next generatons.

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