SAS pilots’ union to extend deadline

Photo Credit: Arash Abed/AviationSource

LONDON – The SAS pilots’ union has announced that they will extend the deadline for the negotiations to July 2.


The negotiations are all about the pay for the airline’s pilots, who demanded to increase their pay to their pre-pandemic levels, as covered in the previous article.

It is good to see that the union is already loosening on its ultimatum and giving both the passengers and the airline some breathing room to come to a concession that both sides agree on.

It should also be mentioned that the passengers will get the same benefit they would’ve otherwise gotten if the strike had happened on the 29th of June, as it would only be fair compensation for the stranded passengers.

The passengers would be offered a free rebooking of their flight, which could be used to the same destination, in the same class, and with an expiration date of 360 days after the original flight.

Passengers should also still keep in mind that the customer support is going to be overflowed with passengers trying to rebook the flight, so they should keep an eye on the status on the reservation status on the self-service page to avoid long waiting times on the phone and chat lines.

Out of luck

Many airlines and airports are running out of luck, as many crew unions and other parties that are involved in the industry are getting tired of the quickly rising prices due to inflation, due to the Ukrainian-Russian war, and the government trying to screw everyone alongside with the simple excuse of “oh but the supply chain is getting more expensive”.

For this reason, many people want to go back to their pre-pandemic salaries, which were reduced in 2020 because of the new rules the government put on the airlines during the pandemic.

Now that the pandemic is over, the airlines are not bound anymore to those rules and are free to do what they want. This also means that they are not bound to keep the salaries low, yet, for one reason or another, they haven’t increased the pay.

That leads to a lot of unhappy staff, who are now demanding that the airline should increase their pay.

It’s not only the airlines that have to increase their pay, however, as both Schiphol and Dublin had to increase their pay to keep the security job interesting enough for people to keep working there, as they’re currently is a shortage in that area of the airport, which is causing a lot of trouble for both the passengers and the airlines, who had to cancel a lot of flights.

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