Ryanair to operate “rescue flights” for stranded passengers

Photo Credit: Emil Bree/AviationSource

LONDON – Ryanair is going to operate 200 of the so-called “rescue flights” for passengers from 19 UK airports to Europe to facilitate passengers who have been left stranded on their canceled flights from BA, EasyJet, and TUI.


Ryanair commented on the following situation:

“While BA, EasyJet & TUI cancel thousands of flights across the UK causing travel disruption for UK families, Ryanair continues to operate a full schedule with over 15,000 weekly flights, and today (20 June) we have added over 200 extra flights from/to our 19 UK airports to help the BA, EasyJet & TUI customers who have been disrupted by these cancellations.”

“UK families can now rest easy in the knowledge that Ryanair will fly them to/from their summer holiday destination to enjoy some well-deserved time off with friends and family.”

“These low-fare rescue flights are available on the Ryanair website now until midnight Thursday 23 June – so make sure to book these rescue extra flights today on Ryanair.com to avoid missing out!”

While the other airlines are struggling to the point they need to cancel flights, passengers who have booked with Ryanair have nothing to worry about as the airline is ramping their services up with both the “rescue flights” and an additional 1000 weekly flights from other airports.


Messages like this show the crucial importance of both fleet management and risk aversion.

Airlines such as Ryanair don’t have a lot of planes based in 1 airport, rather, they spread their planes to different smaller, yet more stable, airports that are able to fluctuate accordingly with each season.

Airlines such as BA and TUI are heavily dependent on one airport, and if that one becomes congested, or if the general supply chain of the airline gets bottlenecked at some point, which includes staff in the planes and on the ground, then the airline will be in serious trouble.

The ironic thing is, however, that airlines such as BA and TUI should have a bigger and better footing considering their stances in the market, as they’re seen as the “bigger and more valuable airline who have more things organized” compared to Ryanair or EasyJet.

The first thing many airlines, such as BA and the others have to do, is to change the opinions of a lot of people by convincing them that the aviation industry is not a dangerous nor an unstable job when it comes to the seasons.

They should also heavily invest in the pay of many people like Schiphol has done a couple of weeks ago when they announced that there would be a massive increase in pay for everyone and the ones who want to apply.

When corporations don’t have profits as their main goal, but a more efficient operation, then it’s going to be those corporations who are going to be winning the finish lines earlier as they would not only invest in the worker’s health but also their pay and working conditions.

Maybe that’s what many airlines should be striving for.

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