Ricardo Opens New Aerospace Excellence Centre in Quebec

LONDON – Ricardo, a global strategic, environmental, and engineering company announced the opening of an aerospace excellence center in Quebec, Canada.

This move comes after a very successful move after the company has secured new contracts for aerospace customers in the region, North America to be exact. 

The new office will house approximately 25 engineers and experts in the field who will build on Ricardo’s strong heritage and add to the already capable existing specialist knowledge in automotive and industrial technologies to ensure customers’ needs and demands are met in the aerospace discipline. 

Ricardo is a well-renowned company and is a global pioneer in the global center of excellence for the aerospace industry.

The company will exert focus on the ever-expanding company’s expertise in Canada and to better serve its customer better throughout the globe. 

Marques McCammon, Global Managing Director for Automotive and Industrial at Ricardo, stated with optimism: “The global aerospace sector is faced with the increasing pressure of driving an industry focus to decarbonize.”

“Aggressive internal objectives, consumer and market sentiment, as well as increasing regulation, serve to make the rate and nature of the change more challenging.”

“Our new center of excellence in Quebec will enable us to leverage Ricardo’s long-standing capabilities in vehicle thermal systems and integration and extend them to provide cutting-edge design, engineering, and integration for the next generation of clean technologies in aerospace.”

“We’re delighted to make this announcement as it represents a significant investment for Ricardo following the winning of new business and building of several important strategic relationships in the region.”

“We’d like to thank several key partners, who have supported us on our journey to establish our new base, including the Federal Government of Canada and Ministère de l’Économie et de l’Innovation, Quebec, Investissement Quebec International, Montreal International, and Invest in Canada.”

“It’s also great to be able to make our investment announcement at the Aero Montreal event, which is a significant event in the aerospace calendar – one which we’re glad to be part of as we look forward to continuing our work to expand our resources and capabilities to reinforce our vision of creating a safe and sustainable world to a new audience.”

The inauguration of the new office in Quebec comes in July after Ricardo inked a lucrative contract worth multi-years with a prominent Canadian company, Pratt & Whitney Canada, to aid the development of a next-generation power train.

That is the advanced hybrid-electric propulsion technologies for the next generation of aircraft.

With the manufacturer having an office in Quebec, the company’s footprint in North America will continue to expand ever more than before, providing the best consultancy services in the realms of aviation and technology in the region.

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