RadarBox: Amsterdam Schiphol’s Traffic Movement Grows 20%

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LONDON – According to data from RadarBox.com, Amsterdam Schiphol Airport’s traffic movement has grown 20% despite the continued chaos ongoing.

With flight cancellations costing the airport millions per day, it’s clear that they are at their breaking point if they are still producing double-digit growth week-on-week.

Without further ado, let’s get into the numbers!

The Numbers…

Data provided by RadarBox.com

For September 17-24, the airport handled 1,241 movements based on a seven-day rolling average, which is 20.37% more than the same period last year.

However, the airport is around 258 movements short of achieving pre-COVID numbers, which isn’t likely to happen anytime soon, given the cancellations that have been in place.

Below is a list of the airport’s average seven-day movements from the last four weeks:

DatePre-COVID Number (2019)2022 Numbers
August 20-271486 movements1253 movements
August 27-September 31478 movements1292 movements
September 3-101489 movements1289 movements
September 10-171485 movements1271 movements

Flight Cancellations Costing Millions…

Amsterdam’s Schiphol International Airport (AMS) has suffered major disruptions in its services since summer, as there have simply been too many traveler movements.

This has caused hour and mile-long lines, as well as disruptions in deliveries of checked bags. Schipol is now facing a new crisis as security guards have left.

Last week, Amsterdam Schiphol Airport saw a rapid return in hours-long lines as security guards decided to leave as the summer bonus lapsed.

Schiphol is now calling out for airlines to decrease the passenger amounts by another 18% until we reach the end of October, resulting in 9,000 fewer passengers per day.

The reduction comes just on top of the earlier announcement of capping movements at 69,500 passengers each day.

In response to the absurd length of queues, Schiphol has reached out to airlines with an offer of EUR350 per traveler per canceled flight, with the effect of lowering the airport passenger amount. The offer of 350 euros is also to encourage airlines to act quickly and take measures.

The temporary solution Schiphol is currently doing may cost the airport well over EUR 3 million per day, and Schiphol’s slot director is estimating the effects of the latest passenger cap, to show results next week, meaning long queues are to be estimated in the next couple of days.

A Schipol spokesperson commented on the events, saying: “We see that it is challenging for the airlines to limit the number of passengers in the short term.”

The spokesperson further added: “The temporary financial incentive will apply until the effects of the announced reduction are visible.”


It remains clear that Schiphol has a lot of issues to fix first before they even think about achieving pre-COVID movement numbers, especially as the chaos continues.

The question now is how long this is going to take the airport to fix, and whether it can be done in time for the busy Winter 2022/23 season.

For now, all we can do is sit back and wait to see what else happens with the airport and whether the situation is going to go from bad to worse.

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