RadarBox: American Airlines’ Movements Drop 1%, Well Above Pre-Pandemic Levels

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LONDON – According to RadarBox.com, American Airlines’ movement numbers have dropped 1%. This doesn’t matter, however, as they are well above pre-pandemic levels.

The carrier has had a very strong summer, with its momentum expected to continue as we approach the busy Winter months for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Without further ado, let’s get into the numbers…

The Numbers…

Data provided by RadarBox.com

For October 1-8, the carrier recorded 4,677 movements, which is 1.89% less than the same period last year.

However, this figure is a staggering 1,538 movements higher than the same period in 2019, which is earmarked as the pre-pandemic period.

Below is a list of the last four weeks’ worth of data regarding the carrier’s movements:

Date2019 Numbers2021 Numbers2022 NumbersPercentage Difference
(2022 vs. 2021)
Movement Difference (2022 vs. 2019)
September 3-1030904643 4718 +1.62%+1,628 movements
September 10-173087 4752 4660 -1.94%+1,573 movements
September 17-243100 4733 4676 -1.20%+1,576 movements
September 24-October 13121 4711 4485 -4.80%+1,364 movements
Numbers are measured via a seven-day rolling average of flight movements.

The American Airlines of the Future: Overture!

Back in August, American Airlines joined United Airlines in purchasing 20 of the new Supersonic jets under development with manufacturer Boom Supersonic.

The American Airlines order joins United’s order for 15 aircraft, placed in 2021. American’s announcement makes it only the second firm order in the last two years for boom, with the first plane still years away from being built.

Derek Kerr, American’s Chief Financial Officer commented on the announcement saying: “Looking to the future, supersonic travel will be an important part of our ability to deliver for our customers”

It will be the first supersonic jet to enter the commercial market since Concorde in the early 2000s, however, the fall of that supersonic plane was ultimately boiled down to running costs, and with the cost of fuel and aircraft parts currently rising around the world, only time will tell whether or not this plane will like Concorde, arrive at just the wrong time to become a complete success.

This will no doubt contribute to additional movements for the carrier going into the future, especially when there is the ability to do multiple supersonic flights every day.

American Airlines Committed to the long-haul

The announcement today shows that American Airlines has signed a firm order for 20 of the jets, however, they do also have options on an additional 40 overtures.

American advertising that Overture will allow London – Miami in five hours and Los Angeles to Honolulu in three hours. It is worth noting that supersonic speed is only possible over water.

It is believed that the carrier has had to pay Boom an undisclosed fee, which is believed to be non-refundable.

The order follows Boom showing the final design for Overture at a press event held at the 2022 Farnborough Airshow. Boom is targeting a 2025 rollout date, with entry to commercial service slated for 2029.

Overall, it is clear that American Airlines is definitely getting plans in place for the future to keep those seven-day rolling averages as high as they can in order to produce the most revenue turnover.

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