Qantas Reports Strong September & October

Photo Credit: Charlie Carter/AviationSource

LONDON – Qantas has this week announced that it is had a strong September and is performing well in October so far.

The Figures…

On the Domestic front, the carrier has stated that its on-time performance has averaged 75% despite a four percent decrease which has been caused due to weather.

Over the course of September, 69% of flights departed on time, which was below the carrier’s target of 75%, which again they blamed on the weather.

Cancellations fell from four percent to 2.4% in September. For October so far, around 1.7% of flights have been canceled, which they have deemed to be “market leading and better than pre-COVID levels”.

On the mishandled bags front, this figure has remained low at 6 per 1,000 passengers in September and going into October too. On improving its performance, the carrier said the following:

“Qantas is continuing to invest in extra resourcing in our operations to provide a buffer against the challenges that impacted reliability earlier in the year, including unexpected sick leave spikes and supply chain delays for aircraft parts.”

The airline also continued on how its investments are going to improve services as well:

“A further $200 million will be invested until the middle of next year in rostering additional crew, training of new recruits, and overtime in key areas such as contact centers.”

“It also involves a conservative approach to scheduling that means up to 20 additional aircraft will be on standby and can be called upon to reduce delays and cancellations.”

Joyce Working Hard?

It does appear that Joyce is directing his staff to improve its services, especially when he has come under fire for the plethora of problems that have faced the carrier.

Despite recent publicity, which has drawn attention to Australian flag carrier Qantas concerning internal issues, CEO Alan Joyce has been awarded a massive $287,000 rise to his pay. This effectively takes Joyce’s salary to over $5.5m per annum.

The Qantas annual report has revealed the pay increase for the beleaguered airline’s Chief Executive Officer, effectively taking his salary package from $5,288,000 in 2021 to $5,575,000 for 2022.

The announcement is unlikely to be received positively by the flying public, especially after the litany of flight cancellations, lost baggage incidents, and serious internal problems which have dogged the Australian carrier this year.

Maybe the board has advised him to work hard for his money, especially with the Summer of chaos that the airline has had this year.


It remains clear that Joyce is trying to do all he can to ensure that passengers have less of a stressful experience when flying on Qantas.

The Australian carrier will be one to keep an eye on, especially as they want to have a successful Winter ahead of holidaymakers heading into the country to escape the colder parts of the world.

For now, all we can do is wait to see what the next update will be like from the carrier and whether this, in turn, will result in an improvement or degradation of service.

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