OGMA Gains Certification For Maintenance on Embraer E2 Jets

Photo Credit: Harrison Rowe/AviationSource

LONDON – OGMA, one of Embraer’s companies, has gained certification to perform maintenance on Embraer E2 jets and will be the first in the world to gain such certification.

The Certification…

Autoridade Nacional da Aviação Civil – ANAC of Portugal gave Embraer the credentials needed to make this become a reality, and this comes at a time when more deliveries of the E2 aircraft are occurring.

It also means that OGMA can officially expand its business operations into the commercial aircraft segment of the industry.

OGMA is permitted to carry out the following maintenance as a result of the certification:

  • Heavy maintenance
  • Total fleet management
  • Engineering solutions
  • Airworthiness management
  • Support maintenance
  • Future aircraft modifications that meet customer requirements
  • Retrofit the family’s aircraft of E-Jets E2.

The company has also signed a deal with Wideroe to carry out the first maintenance task of an E2 aircraft worldwide.

Executive Comments…

Commenting on this milestone was Johann Bordais, the President & CEO of Embraer Services & Support:

“Obtaining this certification by OGMA is a crucial strategic step to strengthen Embraer’s presence in the EMEA region and is an unmistakable sign of the continued commitment we make to Portugal as a leading technological partner in the country’s aeronautical industry”.

“We are certain this certification will reinforce the company’s international recognition in the maintenance of aircraft in civil aviation and, in particular, the E2 aircraft.”

Also commenting was Alexandre Solis, the CEO of OGMA:

“We are delighted to reach such an important milestone, which results from the tireless work of a great team.”

“Being the first Embraer Authorized Maintenance Center for the E2 in the EMEA region is an important credential for OGMA in such a competitive and demanding sector as the international aviation market.”

“This is just the starting point of an important cycle for the company’s growth, with more business, new customers, and opportunities”.

About OGMA…

OGMA consolidates its experience and knowledge in civil aviation and Embraer aircraft maintenance.

Since 1998, it has been an Embraer Authorized Maintenance Center for the ERJ 135, ERJ 140, and ERJ 145 regional jets, with over 300 C-Checks carried out, offering various services.

Since 2007, OGMA has supported the E-Jets family of commercial aircraft, with more than 50 C-Checks performed on this aircraft and the capability for a wide range of MRO services.

OGMA’s experience and knowledge in the maintenance of the E-Jet’s first generation of commercial aircraft will be utilized at the service of the E-Jets E2 family.


This was probably a milestone that was due to come at any point, especially as deliveries of E2 aircraft continued to intensify.

As sales and deliveries continue to be on the up and up for Embraer, we will begin to see more of these maintenance facilities come to life, as demand will rise as the years go on.

All eyes will now be on Embraer as they aim to secure more orders so then they can continue to add to their backlog and, therefore, their maintenance backlog going into the future when such checks are needed.

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