Non-Meat Lovers: Which Airline Has The Most Options?

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LONDON – There are many airlines flying around the world today, however, not every airline that flies serves non-meat meals onboard.

Even if they do serve vegetarian/vegan meals, the choices that are around aren’t always that much and are limited to a couple of meals.

That doesn’t say that there are airlines that serve the most vegetarian meals out there, however. That award goes to Delta Air Lines from the U.S.

The meals

Delta Air Lines has introduced menus with meat alternatives on select flights over 900 miles. On these flights, meals such as the Impossible Burger and the “lamb” meatballs, which are from the plant-based Black Sheep Foods.

 Unlike many vegetarian foods, the patty from the Impossible Burger has an extra chemical compound, heme, which gives the patty a “meaty” flavor.

Plant-based food is not only more healthy than your average meat but also more climate-friendly, as producing the plants requires 57% less water, and instead of emitting harmful gasses, the plants release oxygen, which is helping the planet create a more sustainable world.

Will this significantly reduce your carbon footprint? Not really, however, every bit of reduction helps.

Other options

Delta isn’t the only airline with an extensive amount of choice, as Qatar Airways has added a vegan-only menu for premium cabin customers back in 2020.

While Delta is the only U.S. airline that serves plant-based alternatives, a couple of other airlines have started to roll out meat alternative options. Alaska Airlines is offering a popular cheese and fruit platter on most flights, for example.

Several U.S. airlines are offering the choice to passengers what they want when booking the flight online, ensuring that the passengers get the meals they have chosen.

Eating less meat should be part of a broader and more global revolution. Just eating meat is quite bad for the environment, but reducing the amount of meat eaten per day will lessen the strain on the earth.

If humans started to eat meat once a week, we would require fewer cows on the earth. Having fewer cows on the earth means fewer greenhouse gasses released into the environment.

Just eating less meat isn’t enough to save and help our precious earth to restore to its once former glory.

What we, as humans and inhabitants of the earth, have to do in order to reduce the number of toxins released, is to be more conscious about our choices, and question every decision we make.

Why are we taking the plane to this destination, or why are we going to eat meat today?

Delta has taken a great approach to this. While flying is quite bad, but not near as bad as other types of industries, there are ways to reduce the emissions in the entire supply chain, making the entire trip more sustainable.

One of the ways to reduce the emission is to, for example, introduce many plant-based alternatives on flights.

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