Nigeria Air Receives Clearance to Operate by NCAA

LONDON – The newly established Nigeria Air has received its Air Transport License (ATL) from the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA).

The certificate

The Air Transport License received by the airline is a prerequisite to acquiring the Air Operation Certificate.

According to Musa Nuhu, the Director-General for NCAA, the NCAA is working and supporting all operators who are currently existing and aspiring in the industry to get the necessary documents after meeting all requirements.

“This ATL has gone through all the processes. So, at this point in time, I will like to do the presentation,” he said to a team of Nigeria Air management on Monday.

He added, “We look forward to the fulfillment of the AOC process so that we can hand over the AOC certificate to you.”

“As the regulator, we work with operators. That is a goal to promote the growth of the industry. It is important to have strong airlines in Nigeria in view of the Single African Transport Market.

“Also, in view of Africa Continental Free Trade Area which can make a significant contribution to the growth of Nigerian economy,” he said.

In response to the acquisition of the ATL, the acting Chief Executive, Dapo Olumide, thanked the NCAA. Olumide said that he and his team would “double efforts to fulfill all necessary processes to receive an AOC certificate from NCAA to start flying”.

“We already have aircraft identified because that is one of the requirements for the NCAA. We are waiting for the terms of the agreement with the provider of the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM).

“What we need now is to go through stages to get an AOC certificate from NCAA. No magic in the process. It is not something that can be issued because they like your face.

“When you have an AOC and ATL, you can commence commercial scheduled operations. The date to start operation is largely based on the process one is following to get the AOC certificate,” he said. 

Exciting Developments Ahead…

The acquisition of the ATL for Nigeria Air is an important step in the country’s new establishment of a national airline.

Nigeria has had several national carriers over time, however, none of them have had a great reputation. The first national carrier, Nigeria Airways, ceased operations back in 2003, with the second one ceasing operations in 2012.

Nigeria does have some airlines, such as the more prominent Arik Air and Air Peace, but neither of them serves the role of the national air carrier. That role is supposed to go to Nigeria Air, which is planning to begin air services soon in 2023.

It is an interesting period for Nigeria to witness the birth of a new national airline. The only hope for it to not become as corrupt as the previous 2 airlines, which played a significant role in the airlines’ downfall.

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