Malaysia’s Capital A (AirAsia) Reports 3rd Quarter Results

Three AirAsia aircraft parked on the tarmac at Perth Airport.
Darren Koch (GFDL 1.2 or GFDL 1.2), via Wikimedia Commons

LONDON – Capital A Berhad, formerly known as AirAsia Group Berhad, has announced some impressive operating statistics for its aviation, digital and logistics business for the quarterly year of 2022. 

Airlines under the current ownership have witnessed uninterrupted growth, despite headwinds such as oil prices. These airlines have impressively achieved a record load factor of 86%, which is the highest since the pandemic.

In fact, the combined 4 carriers from Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines have carried 7.1 million passengers, which is an increase of 1925% increase year-on-year and an increase quarter-on-quarter 28% respectively.

In total for this quarter alone, the group’s airlines have 68 aircraft in operation and further restoring 48 aircraft in service compared to the same period in 2021. The combined airlines flew nearly 45,000 flights in the quarter, which goes up to 1460% year-on-year from less than 3,000 flights flown in the same period with over 9,000 flights compared to the previous quarter.

This growth is fuelled by an upsurge in domestic and international travel demands To put this into perspective, seats sold for domestic and international flights increased by 1-% and 107% quarter-on-quarter respectively, which signals a very strong and upbeat recovery.

At the same time, the available seat kilometres rose by 1760% year-on-year, while revenue passenger kilometres increased strongly by 2408% year-on-year. 

AirAsia Malaysia 

The Malaysian or its main subsidiary posted an impressive load factor of 86% in the 3rd quarter of 2022, which is up by 25% points year-on-year and 2 percentage points quarter-on-quarter. The airline carried and its overall capacity increased impressively by 3009% year-on-year and 2019% year-on-year to 4.8 million and 5.6 million.

The Malaysian arm operates a total of 35 aircraft, which is well-positioned for growth within its own borders and internationally.  The load factor for international flights performed slightly lower than domestic at 84% compared to 88%. 

AirAsia Indonesia 

The Indonesian branch recorded an impressive laid factor of 82% in the third quarter. This is an increase of over 43% percentage points year-on-year. Moreover, domestic flights hit a healthy load factor of 78% while international flights, however, max out at 86%.  Passenger numbers and capacity shows significant improvement of an increase year-on-year of 6872% and 3263% year-on-year. 

AirAsia Philippines

The Filipino branch posted an impressive improvement in load factor at 89% in this quarter. This is a growth of 12 percentage points year-on-year. In the third quarter alone, the number of passengers carried grew by 574% year-on-year, and a capacity expansion of 486% year-on-year. International flights have also received good feedback, with a healthy load factor of 76% while domestic remains the kingmaker at 90% and above. 

AirAsia Thailand 

The Thai branch marked a significantly improved load factor of 87% which translates to 27 percentage points and is driven by the strong rebound of both domestic and international capacity. The number of passengers carried is extremely impressive which posted a growth of 3354% to 2.75 million passengers in the third quarter of this year.

This is due to the increase in tourism inbound to the Kingdom. International flights achieved a load factor of 82%. For domestic flights, the load factor stood at 89%. This translates to an Average Seat per Kilo seating capacity to increase sharply by 2792% and 2263% year-on-year. Operating aircraft in this quarter increased to 35, which is shy of 60% of its total fleet.  

All in All

Taken collectively, the four airlines have successfully transported 9.9 million passengers in its third quarter with 103 aircraft. The Capital A Group has soared high after leaving the pandemic behind, and this is evident in their impressive load factors.

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