Lufthansa Releases Pictures of Stunning New Cabin Concepts

A rendering of the new Lufthansa cabin.
Photo Credit: Lufthansa

LONDON – Lufthansa Group has this week unveiled pictures of its new product concept for all classes of travel on its long haul routes. Named Allegris, it features a host of sleek and modern details that will really catch your eye, regardless of which cabin class you are sitting in.

First class offers an expansive space that is more akin to a small bedroom rather than a seat on an aeroplane. The seats which can be converted into a large bed are almost one metre wide and ceilings nearly at wall height offer headroom for the loftiest of travellers.

Dining onboard can be compared to eating at a restaurant as there is the option to sit opposite your travel companion at a large dining table.

Carsten Spohr Chairman of the Executive Board and CEO of Deutsche Lufthansa AG said: “We want to set new, unprecedented standards for our guests. The largest investment in premium products in our company’s history underpins our claim to continue to be the leading Western premium airline in the future.”

New business class can also offer an individual suite option, offering more privacy than the usual business class product with sliding doors and higher walls. Integrated into the suite is a personal wardrobe and a 27 inch screen for in flight entertainment. 

‘Non-suite’ business class of the Allegris kind offers six further seating options. All business class seats offer aisle access regardless of where you are sat. All seats can be made up into a 2 metre long bed whilst in flight entertainment is taken care of with a 17 inch monitor, wireless charging facilities and the ability to connect your own devices (tablet, smartphone, headphones) via bluetooth connectivity. 

Anyone who has flown long-haul with Lufthansa since 2021, may already be familiar with what they call “Sleepers Row”. This is the first row of economy seats that offer a greater seat pitch, and additional comfort compared to those in rows behind.

Allegris will be rolling out “Sleepers Row 2.0”, which offers a mattress and a 40 per cent increase in recliner capability compared to “Sleepers Row 1.0”. Following the trend being set by other select airlines, Lufthansa will be giving travellers the option to book a vacant neighbours seat to increase space and comfort.

The Allegris premium economy will follow the same suit as the class that was unveiled at SWISS in the spring of this year. Comfortable reclining seats that don’t impinge on the seat behind, a fold out leg rest, and a 15.6 inch screen comes with noise cancelling headphones. 

Photo Credits: Lufthansa

A select few travellers may have already experienced the new business class mentioned above, as this is already on offer on one Boeing 787-9 and four Airbus A350’s that has been delivered to the German national carrier in recent months. Four further new 787-9’s with the same setup are due to land in the next few weeks. 

In total, there is plans for over one hundred jets to be configured with the new Allegris cabin class, and one ‘in service’ 747-8 is scheduled to be converted. All this comes at a cost of over €2.5 billion to improve and advance its customer experience offerings. 

In what is Lufthansa Groups largest fleet modernisation in its history, they plan to take delivery of over 180 new short and long haul aircraft in the next 7 years. Not only will they be high tech and ultra modern, but collectively will reduce the CO2 emissions of its fleet by up to thirty per cent when compared against the older, existing aircraft in its fleet today.

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