LOT Polish Airlines Partners with FLYR Labs for AI-based Commercial Platform

Two LOT Polish Airlines aircraft pass each other on the taxiway.
Photo Credit: Piotr Bożyk

LONDON – Poland’s flag carrier LOT Polish Airlines (LOT) is partnering with revenue management company FLYR Labs to implement an AI-based commercial management platform.

The pairing will support the airline’s commercial optimization efforts by accessing and leveraging the value of its data, helping to overcome many of today’s industry constraints.

Through their partnership, LOT and FLYR will deploy FLYR’s AI-based platform for LOT’s commercial technology operations. Together, the companies will identify key benefits of the solution across LOT’s commercial operations, either through existing platform capabilities or by co-creating new features and applications.

The new AI-based platform will permit the networking of multiple business elements. Specifically the two companies aim to enable departmental collaboration, linking together and addressing optimization opportunities across ancillary revenue management, digital marketing, offer management, and e-commerce, supported by FLYR’s platform.

With its acquisitions of Pribas to enable advanced distribution and fulfillment, and direct distribution and retailing solution Newshore in quick succession, FLYR is providing airlines with a modernized end-to-end technology stack that enables dynamic and autonomous pricing, combined with personalized and frictionless shopping experiences.

This partnership follows several of FLYR’s recent announcements towards working with other best-in-class airlines embracing a modernized end-to-end technology stack that meets the needs of an ever-changing business environment.

In addition, FLYR’s expanded office presence in Krakow and Amsterdam provides on-the-ground support for LOT as it does for other EMEA customers, expediting progress towards innovation.

LOT Polish Airlines statement

Tomasz Penczek, Managing Director of the Revenue Division at LOT says: “We’re always looking for the best solutions to equip our teams with, in tandem with our commitment to customers and maintaining sustainable practices.”

“We appreciate the approach that FLYR has towards understanding our needs and we believe that as we move forward utilizing the power of AI with FLYR, our teams can stay on the cusp of industry change and adapt to market volatility.”

“Collaborating not only strengthens our market position as technical leaders but also further reflects our dedication to new ideas.”

About LOT Polish Airlines

LOT remains one of the world’s oldest operational airlines, complemented by one of the youngest and most technologically advanced fleets in the world. LOT is also one of the largest operators in Europe, flying more than 9 million passengers a year across 120+ destinations within Europe, Asia, and North America.

FLYR management statement

Matt Brown, VP of Growth at FLYR, says: “FLYR looks forward to collaborating closely with LOT. In an increasingly competitive market, we will act as a partner to commercial teams and decision-makers at LOT, with added support from our Krakow crew.”

“By contextualizing each piece of data into one easy-to-navigate interface, The Revenue Operating System will anticipate the path to optimal commercial outcomes and drive significant growth.”

About the FLYR Labs system

FLYR’s cloud-native decision intelligence platform, The Revenue Operating System, leverages deep learning technology to provide automated, AI-based revenue management capabilities that maximize business-wide profitability and operational efficiencies.

Unlocking the full potential of LOT’s existing data, The Revenue Operating System will enable airline analysts to maximize outcomes in regard to pricing and commercial decisions.

FLYR Labs have been in Poland for a long time. Company engineering office in Kraków hiring around 150 people. Alex Mans, FLYR Labs CEO, explained to us more the topic of airlines software. Airlines can buy specific software only from three companies: Sabre, Amadeus and PROS. This is sad or only true for every airline in the world.

Because companies are big, the innovation process go slower. What FLYR is doing in LOT is implementing a brand new and unique new technology with them. Implementing a data platform for LOT, a software company integrating all data in one place.

They are also integrating forecasting platform so that it can better forecast revenue and demand. Integrating a pricing platform company helps airline to price better. This both drives more revenue and gives more options to customers.

It will be making life and work easier at LOT instead of using sheets all over the place. Everyone like revenue management, marketing, scheduling can access the same data at the same place.

“What we are doing in LOT is very unique because we formed a partnership. This means that for example the team at LOT is telling us that they’ve got some problem and our team is looking at how to solve the problem on the platform.”

“So we are cooperating to building better capabilities that we don’t have today on top of the core technology. We are bringing together technology and partnership to solve some problems,” Alex Mans, FLYR Labs CEO told AviationSource writer Piotr Bozyck this week.


As the airline industry grapples with some universal concerns in the post-pandemic ‘return to service’ phase, the elements of customer service and satisfaction, and efficient revenue and expenditure control are paramount.

With the parallel develop of AI-based platforms and integration, we will likely see more pairings and collaborations similar to the LOT Polish and FLYR Labs partnership, as the two industries find a synergy.

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