LOT Airlines Boeing 787 Dreamliner Suffers Flap Failure After Departure

BERLIN – On the 13th January, LOT Polish Airlines flight LO6233 from Warsaw to Santa Clara declared an emergency shortly after departure from Warsaw.

Flight LO6233 was climbing to 24.000ft when the crew requested to level off at 6,000ft, reporting a technical problem with their flaps. Soon after the crew declared an emergency. They were unable to retract their flaps after departure.

The crew continued their climb to the minimum fuel dumping altitude (14,000ft) and dumped fuel east of Warsaw.

After holding for nearly an hour, the flight landed on runway 33 and was met by fire services as a precaution.

The aircraft involved was a 4-year-old Boeing 787-8 registered SP-LRG. Following the incident, the aircraft still sits in Warsaw.

A replacement aircraft flew the passengers to Santa Clara the same day.

This is not the first incident this year involving LOT’s 787 fleets.

Last week a 787 on final for Warsaw reported a burning smell in the cabin, with a window starting to melt due to a malfunction.  

The airlines also launched legal action against Boeing last October following the 737 MAX grounding and the continuing engine problems with some of their 787 Dreamliner’s.

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