LIVE: Air Force One Due to Depart London Stansted Following Queen’s State Funeral

Photo Credit: Thomas Saunders/AviationSource

LONDON – U.S President Joe Biden is set to depart London Stansted Airport onboard Air Force One shortly following his visit to the Queen’s state funeral.

AF1 landed in Stansted at 2200 local time on Saturday, having come all of the ways from Andrews Air Force Base. Sources are stating that AF1 is going to depart within the hour.

82-8000 is the Boeing VC-25A in question that will be taking Biden back to the United States.

As this will be a developing story, please continue to refresh this page as we acquire more information.

Live Updates As They Come…

UPDATE #1 @ 1424UK time – Waiting for the aircraft to appear on and ADS-B Exchange. Stay tuned for more.

Source: ADS-B Exchange

UPDATE #2 @ 1436 UK time – 09-0016, one of the USAF Boeing 757-200s has just departed London Stansted. Looking like AF1 may be up next soon. Still a busy London Stansted at present.

UPDATE #3 @ 1449 UK time – Things are still quiet at London Stansted at present – No sign of AF1 at the moment, but other Government jets have been loading up on ADS-B Exchange & RadarBox.

UPDATE #4 @ 1457 UK time – Looks like we missed her departure. Found her on ADS-B Exchange over Wales. Either way, thank you for following our coverage!

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