Leonardo is Set to Make a Grand Comeback in Digitizing Aerospace & Defense at Farnborough Airshow.

Photo Credit: Leonardo

LONDON – Leonardo S.p.A, the leading Italian multinational name in aerospace, defense and security has announced that it will be making a grand comeback at the 2022 Farnborough Airshow.

It will return with a completely redefined strategic position based on the company’s ‘Be Tomorrow 2030’ strategic plan.

Leonardo has asserted its intentions to play a leading role in the complete digital transformation of the Aerospace, Defense and Security sector, as it advised in its press release ahead of the most prestigious Air Show in the world.

Leonardo has outlined its approach for the upcoming Air Show which will be based on co-existence and mutual synergy between its legacy business and the development of innovative solutions and markets.

The company further asserted that it will be focusing on the next-generation Future Combat Air System (FCAS), which consist of individual nodes interconnected by powerful communication technologies, artificial intelligence (AI), and the cloud.

This will harness the digitalization of all its three wings with advancement. In the UK, Leonardo has been substantially involved in the FCAS development as a Team Tempest member since the program’s inception.  

It also acts internationally as a part of tri-lateral partnership with top defense industry firms from the UK, Sweden and Italy. 

Rotary Wing

Leonardo has outlined its focus on the ability to handle the entire vertical dimension of flight, along with digitally integrated dual and specialized platforms in the multi-domain operational context for the rotary wing industry.

The company will showcase its AW-149, the latest generation multi-mission helicopter at the upcoming Farnborough Airshow. This has already shown an exponential success on international markets in Poland, with the company bagging a deal for 32 units.

The United Kingdom Ministry of Defense has shown an interest to Leonardo for NHM -New Medium Helicopter AW-159, which is a highly optimized sea use helicopter.

The AW-159 will be displayed at the Airshow. The AWHero, the highly advanced remote piloted system will showcase Leonardo’s excellence in this domain, equipped with company’s highly impressive surveillance equipment and sensors, including Gabbiano Ultra-Light.

Advanced Display at Farnborough

This year’s Farnborough Airshow will witness multitudes of the highly advanced technology aircraft, along with newly designed systems that will truly make a footprint in the digitized world of the aviation sector, both in civil and defense.

Leonardo, the determined exhibitor at Farnborough, has also decided to showcase its M-346 latest-generation jet aircraft designed for pre-operational training.

A highly decorated aircraft in the training sector, it has sold around 2,000 units across forty countries for the company.

The operating specifications of this aircraft are similar to that of combat aircraft such as Eurofighter Typhoon and the F-35. It is currently in service with the Italian, Singaporean, Israeli, Polish and Qatari air forces with Greece joining the list of this nations.

The M-346, which has been regarded as the star of the new International Flight Training School (IFTS), has been in partnership with the Italian Air Force, and also includes customer like Qatar, Singapore, Germany and Japan.

The light attack version of the new M-345, which can perform operational roles and train student pilots, will be also displayed at Farnborough Air Show 2022. 

This year, the Leonardo booth will also display the next generation technological platforms for the on-board digitization of aircraft and helicopters, with wide range of products covering communication, navigation, identification functions, along with self-protection and advanced avionics systems.

This will include the LOAM – the highly advanced and optimized dual use system to alert crews to the presence of tiny and barely visible obstacles in low-altitude helicopter flight, stated the company.

The booth will also display the ULISSES acoustic anti-submarine system, along with Leonardo’s state of the art radars like Grifo E and ECRS Mk0 E-scan fire control radars, Ospray 30 and Seaspray 7500 E-scan surveillance radars.

 Long-and medium-range air defense sensors, such as the recently launched TMMR (Tactical Multi Mission Radar), which has an anti-drone application on its interface will be displayed.

The Leonardo stand at Farnborough this year will also focus on its vision for innovative and sustainable aviation mobility, based on disruptive technologies, platforms, control systems, infrastructure and new business models.  

With presence of AW609 multi-role tiltrotor simulator at the Airshow, it is evident that the company is making all efforts to make significant comeback.  

It will also highlight the multinational programs in which Leonardo plays a key role. This includes Eurofighter aircraft and the Euro drone – the medium altitude, long range remotely piloted aircraft.

This both represents the European defense partnership, as well as European funded initiatives such as Clean Sky and SESAR 3, which emphasize sustainable future air transportation modes.

It can be concluded that this years Farnborough Air Show will certainly have a lot of engaging content for the aviation enthusiasts and the aviation fraternity in both technical as well as aesthetical attributes.

This show will open broader horizons for the aviation community in the United Kingdom, Europe and beyond.

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